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A large dose of fantasy to land of Calradia, featuring many different fantastic races, spells, magical items and necromancy.

Permissions and credits
A public beta of the Phantasy Calradia Mod
It's basically native with many tweaks and new features added plus many fantasy elements mainly based on the D&D settings.

- seven new major factions which include: elves, drows, dwarves, mages, necromancers/undeads, clerics/paladins, orcs
- lots of items for each faction, some original and some taken from many different OSPs
- a magic system based on new skills, worn items and thrown weapons
- some spells for creating great havoc: fireball, lighting bolt, magic missile, black bolt, white bolt, vampiric bolt, charm person, flame arrow.
- an entertainment skill based on an OSP, but heavily modified
- some magical items based heavily on D&D (gauntlets of ogre power, dwarven thrower, dagger of throwing,robe of the archmage, maul of the titans, vorpal sword, mace of disruption, sun blade)
- a sneak attack system
- new creatures: elves, dwarves, drows, gnomes, orcs, shadows, skeletons, golems (stone, iron, silver)
- ships and ship battles just like in the OSP
- really dangerous recurrent spawns every once in a while to keep you on your toes and from getting bored of hunting bandits
- a necromancy system (create undead armies out of thin air, but it'll cost you!)
- 16 new heroes: 2 elves, 2 dwarves, 2 drows, 2 gnomes, 2 orcs, 2 mages and some other miscelaneous humans

take note that this mod is still a work in progress and it needs a lot of ironing, polishing and rebalancing, but I assure you it is quite fun.

and to the people who contributed with textures, music, models, OSPs,etc. :

Sayd Ûthman
The TLD team
The Bear Force 2 team
Dark Robin
Redface (
Hundred Years War Mod Team
The Floris Mod Team

Some sound effects taken from
Version 0.723 changelog:
- Fixed foot glue item dialog to actually give the foot glue.
- Established a top cap for both debts and savings (they are set to 1000000 so no variables overflow, my guess is the max variable size is at 2^20= 1048576).
- Made gnomish bank angry letters for non paying customers as well as some repercussions.
- Raised Knights of the King athletics to 3 (was 0).
- Corrected Vedmaks magical power and set it to 7.
- Lowered bandit spawn rate.
- Patched up "alignment clash" script.
- Tweaked charged staff and sneak attack code. They will now cause raw damage so armor will
be less useful against them.
- Mode around some castles so as to cause more strife between elves and drow and the Blazing and and the necromancers (requires new game).
- Corrected several typos and NPC conversation errors.
- Increased the accuracy of flame arrow, acid arrow and darkness spells.
- Removed the Elven Royal Plate and Vorpal Sword from the regular shops.
- Raised Kevtil's faith to 1
- Added a drowning script to ship battles so troops who fall from the ships will slowly be drained from hp and killed.
- Reduced the cost of mages and cleric wages.
- (hopefully) Fixed all gender issues.

Version 0.721a
Fixes wages issue.

Version 0.721 changelog:

This file will patch from version 0.7 onwards to the most current 0.721 one.
More a hotfix than a thorough patch, but it sets things right.

Version 0.72 changelog:
This patch will address issues like the undead morale and undead food consumption script not functioning properly. It will also remove the butcher and the executioner from weapon shops. There are probably other tiny bugs that were fixed, but can't remember them. It will also probably work for patching v.0.7 to 0.72 It is save game compatible.

Version 0.71 Changelog:
- Djanni can now be recruited (little typo there)
- Several typos corrected
- Necromancer's staff can be bought now
- Sun Blade will no longer be for sale at the Blazing Hand Temple
- lowered Golden stallion hp to 250
- lowered the range of the harm spell to 3 fixed meters. It will also deal only 1/2 of the damage it was causing.
- (untested) tweaked code that made undead cause morale penalities to other undead.
- Chelez was centered on the valley, hopefully this will prevent bandit hideouts to spawn on unpassable terrain.
- A few dialog options were put where they belong
- removed spring mounted shield script (non-functioning) to prevent red letters when entering taverns
- Missile storm will cost more to balance it's power
- Slow spell damage has been reduced to 25 cutting, was 30 cutting
- Several other typos have been corrected
- Menu responses order has been inverted in the mages guild so the "leave" player response is at the end of the list of options.
- Tested the non-undead-troops-getting-pissed-about-undead-troops-in-army script and it seems to work as intended now.
- Fireball and lightning bolt text fixed
- FINALLY the provocations and losing authority thingy. It won't appear every 3 seconds now
- took away all major magical items from shops.
- Changed pre join battle script to the one of Floris. Hopefully the weird issues will be gone now.
- Gave Magocracy mages a bit more skill with thrown weapons
- Gave some Mage and Fighter-Mage troops the magical sword spell
- Changed Ninnock's facecode, gave Berembert a goatee beard.
- Increased bandit spawns frequency, increased red letter spawns maximum and frequency
- reduced lichdom costs to 50k (was 100k)
- changed the time multiplier to 0.5 (was 0.25) and the seeing range to 8 (was 6.5).
- Moved the crazy mage to the beginning of the party template so he will do the talking instead of the golems.
- Lich fear aura conditions have been re-written to fix some issues and tidy up the code.

Version 0.7 Changelog:

- Magic and faith bars are now being guarded by a script so their values won't go beneath 0 for some reason.
- Lightning bolts and Vampiric bolts will now cost what they were supposed to to the agent they were supposed to.
- Added chaos, haste, slow, curse, acid arrow, darkness, magical weapon, spiritual hammer, bravery, terror and harm spells.
- Cleric spells won't be so glitchy anymore.
- Fixed Sneak attacks.
- The shield spell will produce a metallic sound when cast.
- Remade Orc face models and adjusted textures.
- Adjusted mage staff sizes so they have now the correct values.
- Added particle effect to charged staffs and a charge/discharge button to the spell book, also removed all mage's staves "kill modes"
- Attack Anyone OSP from Dark Robin (and fixed by yours truly) added.
- Bronze armor from amade added
- Migrate population to towns, castles and villages
- re-engineered vampiric bolt and white bolt so they cause damage regardless of armor.
- added some Hundred Years War mod weapons
- Added balrog and balrog sword
- added first batch of super-troops
- added vaegir anf sarranid helmet replacement pack by ShaunRemo
- added super-troops to native factions plus their special equipment
- added tool tips for mage and cleric spells
- added dark versions of cleric spells, currently available to all clerics except paladins
- added vampiric blade
- added frost brand and flame tongue
- added black samurai armor by SacredStoneHead
- added staff to the Four Ways Inn (banker, magic items seller, permanent ransom broker)
- added menu to become a lich (you need 7 or more in necromancy) in the camp menu
- added culture migration to owned fiefs (can change culture)
- added elf and drow sounds
- added balrog sounds
- added several new inventions to Berembert's menu
- added many dialogs for new NPCs, only a few are missing now.
- Calradian map is now 2x bigger
- new castles and villages for the new factions
- new ladies and knights for the new factions.