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  1. jon4th4
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    Awesome !
  2. Benbenben
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    These are great. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the description: I got it working due to your helpful instructions.
    These weapons are awesome
    Edit: Works a dream with Brytenwalda.
  3. mordrrakk
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    Thank you for bringing these lovely weapons from ES:Oblivion here. They where always among my most favored weapons while wandering tamerial.

    For those wondering, these weapons look made in the style of swords and bows seen in the LOTR movies and come in a variety of colors and styles to fit many personal flavors.

    They are abit more powerful then any weapon found in vanilla warband. But their costs are also accordingly much higher. A masterwork elven bow might do nearly double the damage of a starting human bow, but also cost more then half a million in coin. If your an archer looking for an edge this is a must.

    The best of the swords though formidable wont do more then replace the bastard sword and its kin weapons for a user. I still carry a good heavy morning star for dealing with shield troops, heavy throwing axes for a good melee/ranged option when tactics call for it, and enjoy using a master work siege crossbow for serious one shot high accuracy sniping during sieges.

    So what I am saying is they are a great little boost without breaking game balance or making all the vanilla tools obsolete. Their costs help to counter their increase in power, keeping them out of the hands of all but the most established lords and kings. I couldnt do more then afford a bent version of a bow until I had secured my own kingdom and 4 cities for several weeks of revenue.

    Hope that all helps others when pondering this DL. Thanks once again to Addonay for making these and the uploader here for bringing them to the realm of mount and blade.