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This mod brings back the original look of Max Payne from the first game to Max Payne 3.

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Features of the mod:

- The head with Sam Lake's legendary facial expression modeled specially for Max Payne 3. This allowed the head to be fully integrated into the game with the preservation of facial expressions and materials. All the textures of the head have been adapted and every wound that appears on Max's face during the story has been saved. Even drops of sweat flowing down the character's face in real time are saved too.

- Each hairstyle change is adapted to Sam Lake's head. It turns out there are 14 hairstyles in the story, not just hair on and hair off.

- The leather jacket with Hawaiian shirt from the first game modeled specially for chapters in New York.

- Every single Max's costumes is fitted to Sam Lake's physique. Every single one. It was necessary to keep the character's integrity intact over the course of the story.

- In total, the mod replaces 98 models and 66 textures. Plus models and textures in the mirror for the scene where Max shaves his head. Yes, you will see how Sam Lake shaves his head!

If you want to know more information about the model of Sam Lake in this mod, click on the picture!

Important note!
The modification is only for single mode. I do not recommend playing multiplayer with the mod installed. If you want to play online, restore the original game files.