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Fixes the CTD when attempting to make a Hoboken Alleys co-op lobby.

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Like Icarus, the cheater flew too close to the sun. But instead of just burning his wings, he torched the entirety of Hoboken. Now it was my job to clean up the mess.

A mod package for Max Payne 3 that fixes the crash when attempting to play Hoboken Alleys in Dead Men Walking, caused by a leaderboard score too high for the game to display. As a result, the leaderboard is now non-functional and will continue to be until a more elegant solution is found.

Requires OpenIV. Extract the .oiv file, run OpenIV and select Max Payne 3, click on Tools -> Package Installer, browse to the .oiv file, and install.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, or have insight as to how to solely disable Social Club leaderboards, so as to retain functionality of comparing scores with friends.

NOTE: This seems to only work for the Steam version of the game! I have not personally tried it on the Rockstar Games Launcher version but have received reports that it does not work, so your mileage may vary! I do not currently have the time to investigate the differences between versions, so it is recommended to use the Steam version until myself or someone else comes up with a solution.