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- Retextured Mod (Nearly all the interior and exterior textures used by the buildings and all the skybox and the water textures have been replaced by better textures).
- Realistic IA (Difficulty is now based on the player's health, ammo quantity, enemy reaction time, adaptive difficulty removed in the default difficulty level, etc...).

Permissions and credits

This mod package contains 2 mods I made :
- Max Payne Retextured MOD.
- Realistic IA MOD.

- Excepted for the shipyard mission which takes place during a foggy afternoon, all levels now have a black sky and a moon which is semi-hidden by clouds (The game takes place in 3 days, so there are 3 different ones, also the skybox textures are in HD : 4096x1024).
- Some levels have additional far away pseudo 3D buildings which are seen on the skyline.
- The game has increased contrasts, some levels have more fog, a slightly different coloration, etc...
- The mod improves the exteriors in the last mission (Nicole Horne's Aesir Building) by removing the ugly yellow buildings and replace them by well known buildings in the distance.
- Most areas and the sea are frozen or semi-frozen (since the water in the game has no animations and the game takes place in a very cold winter... ;).
- Most textures used by the interior and exterior of the buildings have been reworked or replaced by better textures.
- The textures used by most furnitures like the sofas, some wood items and some items like gold have been replaced too.

Now the game's difficulty is mainly based on the IA's reaction time, the player's health, the number of ammos found and how long the bullet time lasts : So basically, now the enemies aren't bullet sponges anymore and there is no adaptive difficulty anymore if you play in the default difficulty level.  
- Stronger characters aren't bullets sponges anyymore, they just move faster and aim and shot faster.
- Characters resistance is based on the equipment they carry (like body armor, leather coat, shirt, helmets, ...).
- The difficulty modes just slightly lower Max Payne health and make ammos more scarce (And it has quite a big impact on how you play : In Fugitive, you can play differently : Go for headshots or go all guns blazing, but in
harder difficulties, you have to save ammos, use more blunt weapons like the baseball bats and avoid bullets).   

Additional changes (For all difficulty levels) :
- The player and NPCs don't recover health anymore when they reach their limits, so they continue to use their injured animations (The only way to get out of this for the player is to use a painkiller.
- The player doesn't bleed anymore when it falls into the sea in the second part of the shypyard mission (It is a visual change only).
- The number of visible decals have been greatly increased (so, more bullet impacts, more cartridges and others actions from Max Payne and the others NPCs are displayed).

NB : Just a few additional things : Overall, the replaced textured are less than 5%, so it's still the good ol' Max Payne 1 but the replaced textures are important ones : It's all the textures which aged terribly : The skybox, some exteriors of buildings which were just black with some white squares on them and of course... all the exteriors in the last mission of the game (Which is the reason why I decided to make this mod as around the Aesir Corporation building, the skybox and the 2D buildings were very ugly). Also, a few items like the gold lingots (which were gold and... red), melted metal, and also a few windows in the interior areas have been recolored and or retextured.
Additionnaly, the mod makes the visited areas a little (and just a little) bit less generic as a few important buildings have been added in the distance. For example, in the Bronx levels, the Tracey Tower, Grand Concourse's Justice Palace and even Co-Op city can be seen. But not from everywhere :)

There is also the possibility to install just a part of the mod : If you just want the skybox, the textures or the IA, what to install to get just that is indicated in the INSTALLATION.txt file .

Credits : The textures, skybox and changes to the IA are made by me.
For easier installation, the mod also contains the 2 patches which allow to run the game and correct the sound error on the latest Windows system.

Also, the mod is compatible with the patch "Widescreen fix" (which is not included in my mod and which really improves the experience).
You can find it in this page with the others fixes for the game (And a big thanks to the Max Payne community for this) :

Please note that the MOD Noir York City for Max Payne 1 is NOT compatible with Max Payne Remastered 1.3 for a simple reason :. Noir York City 1.6 is also a remastered mod.
The difference between both mods, in Noir York City the game's textures were extracted and modded one by one or replaced by better textures.

NEWS in the 1.6 version :
- The textures in the Tutorial level have been changed.
- Some textures used on the buildings have been reworked.
- The gameplay has been adjusted : NPC characters and Max Payne take slightly more damage to their torso (with the exception of characters wearing a body armor), so they aren't bullet sponges when their torso is hit (still shooting characters in the torso require more bullets to put them down, excepted if you shot them from up close with powerful weapons like the shotguns).


1) Tutorial which explains how to edit the skyboxes and skylines in the game Max Payne 1.