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New 4K versions of the flashback images shown during Normandy Crash Site in LE2, which were not updated in Legendary Edition.

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Unofficial LE2 Patch Note
The Unofficial LE2 Patch contains vanilla-friendly improvements that are very similar to this mod. However, the AUC continuity version is still recommended if you used AUC for LE1. However you MUST download the LE2 patch compatible version for this mod's changes to appear in-game when using the Unofficial LE2 Patch.

This is a very simple texture mod that upgrades all 8 of the flashback textures during Normandy Crash Site. The vanilla textures still use the
low res ME1 xbox 360 graphics and are also 1024x512 and incredibly low quality. These new ones are 4096x2048.

Continuity with Alliance Uniform Consistency
I have included another version that uses screenshots taken with AUC for LE1, which will help make these flashbacks more consistent if you used that mod.


  • Open MassEffectModder - v515 or newer .
  • Under Mass Effect 2, go to Mods Manager and click on Mods Installer
  • Click on "Add to List" and import the MEM file
  • Click Install All