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Numerous improvements to storming in LE3, allowing better control and more agility on and off the battlefield. Includes the ability to sprint in any direction and a tap to sprint control scheme. Options are modular and all work with keyboard or controller.

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Moved from this page to get better visibility and updating behavior as the versions for games get out of sync.

Storm Improvements, now with more features!

This mod now has a number of features that can be applied individually or all together. Unless otherwise noted, all options are applicable to both keyboard and controller users.

Storm by tapping a button rather than holding
This is a simple control update. Left Alt and Left stick click have been mapped to start storming, with no need to hold the button. When you stop moving (or move at too tight an angle; see Storm in any direction option) you will stop storming. In addition, most actions will interrupt the storming, including using a power, aiming, firing, interacting with something. The delay when ending storm is reduced as well to make the transition smoother.

Storm in any direction
Ever wish you could run sideways while keeping an eye on the battlefield? Run away from the brute charging you while still looking at it? Just wish you could turn the stick a bit further without it automatically dropping you out of storming? Now you can. This mod will allow you to start or continue storming in any direction. You will keep storming until you do something to end it or stop moving completely.

Enable camera control while storming (Only applicable to controller users)
For controller users, you lose all ability to control the camera while storming in LE3. This limitation is not imposed on keyboard/mouse players. This option fixes this discrepancy. Everyone can control the camera while storming, and the camera does not recenter behind the player. Will not have any effect for players who only use keyboard/mouse, but also will not hurt anything. Highly recommended for controller players.

Increased storm turn speed
By default Shepard is very sluggish, and cannot turn quickly at all. This option increases how fast Shepard can change direction while storming.

Increase storm camera sensitivity
With the other improvements to storming in this mod, the much reduced camera sensitivity was the new limiting factor in your mobility, especially when using a controller. This bumps it up. Highly recommended for controller players.

You install it using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Just drag the archive onto it and apply it. You will pick which options you want to install there.

The option to add the tap to sprint button is a DLC mod and can just be removed. All the other options patch sfxgame.pcc, and you must restore from a backup or repair your game to uninstall these changes.

Bonus tip:
If you are having trouble with this mod with a controller, here is a tip that may fix it. Increase the response curve of the left stick to Aggressive. Some controllers do not output quite high enough values at diagonals, so the game thinks you are letting off the stick and want to drop out of sprinting. This setting will fix that bug.

works very well with my other mod: LE3 Steam Controller (or Steam Deck) or Mixed Input Mod