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Replenish your stock of grenades from the Normandy in Mass Effect 1 LE

Permissions and credits
This mod adds an interactable locker on the Normandy, from which you can restock your grenades! The locker is near Shepard's Locker, across from where Kaidan hangs out. Finally, you can stock up on grenades without digging through crates. It works like the Medi-gel Dispenser, or the grenade locker in Shepard's apartment from Pinnacle Station (RIP).

The locker is unlocked with the purchase of Grenade Upgrade I, which can be purchased from the C-Sec Requisition Officer on the Citadel, or from the Alliance Requisition Officer on the Normandy. After purchasing the upgrade, the locker will be accessible the next time you load into the Normandy.

This is a simple port of my mod from the OT, recently made possible with the development of DLC mods for LE1. Check out Mgamerz's blog post for more info on what is and isn't possible with LE1 DLC mod loading.

Locker text has been translated into Russian. All other localizations will have text in English.

  • This mod is compatible with most other Mass Effect 1 LE mods. Any mod that edits the BIOA_NOR10_06_DSG file will not be compatible.


  • Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager window. Import, and then install the mod.
  • Install before texture mods.

To uninstall: Remove the DLC_MOD_ReplenishGrenades folder from your game via the mod manager.

Technical Information for Modders:
DLC Mount: 35
TLK Range: 201010-201019
Adds no new conditionals, state events, or plot bools
Edits BIOA_NOR10_06_DSG.pcc file

Credits & Special Thanks:
  • Huge thanks to d00telemental for helping to get LE1 DLC loading working
  • Thanks to Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx and Kinkojiro for their work on the modding toolset
  • Thanks to everyone in the Mass Effect Modding Workshop for continual inspiration and support!
  • Russian Translation provided by Tiran8800