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This allows for sprinting by tapping a button rather than holding for LE2, and decreases the delay after sprinting before you can do other things. It allow you to sprint in any direction, independent of the camera, and increases turning speed to make you much more agile.

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This is a mod to improve the Storm/Sprint mechanic in LE2. In the unmodified, you need to hold a button to sprint. Worse, in the default controller layout, both sticks do the same thing. I have created mods that map Left Stick Click (AKA L3) to start sprinting, and made it so that most actions like aiming, firing, or using a power will cause you to stop sprinting almost immediately and do the intended action. It will also automatically stop when you stop moving forward. The keyboard mapping for this is Left Alt.

You must install it using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Just drag the archive onto it and apply it. You can disable/remove it
there as well. To fully uninstall it, you must restore SFXGame.pcc from backup as well as removing the DLC mod, but just removing the mod is sufficient to return it to vanilla behavior.

It should not conflict with any other mods unless they mess with the same control mappings.
works with any increased/infinite sprint mod.
works ok with crouch mods.