Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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These are a few "Quality of Life" changes that allow me to better enjoy replaying this outstanding series of games. These were originally Coalesced file edits for personal use but have now been converted to custom DLC and posted publicly.

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Gameplay Edits:


   All player classes can use Assault Rifles,
   potential squadmate Jacob Taylor uses Assault Rifles and Shotguns rather than Heavy Pistols and Shotguns.

   Systems Alliance military basic training.


   Scanning within a system once will scan the entire system,
   reapers will not appear when alerted after scanning a system.

   After several playthroughs I wish to hasten/GM handwave this.

To install this mod, import it into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager v.7+ by dragging and dropping the archive onto the main window of Mod Manager.
Import the mod, and then select the mod on the left, then press Apply Mod. To uninstall the mod, go to Manage Target and select it and choose Disable
or Delete.