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This modifies several weapons in ways that make them either more effective or sensible, making the game more enjoyable for me so I thought I'd share. These were originally Coalesced file edits for personal use but have now been converted to custom DLC and posted publicly.

Permissions and credits
Weapon Edits:

  M-5 Phalanx (Pistol; ME2, ME3):

   6 round magazine x 4 -> 8 round magazine x 3 in ME2,
   12 round magazine x 6 -> 8 round magazine x 6 in ME3,
   squadmate utilization increased to match *M-6 Carnifex* in ME2,
   reduced rate of fire and increased damage per round in ME3

   Analogous to extended magazines and a trigger job in ME2. The ME2 version of the Phalanx has greater damage
   per shot than the *M-6 Carnifex* but the ME3 version does less than half the damage per shot while having more
   than double the Carnifex's rate of fire. I've brought the ME3 version's power up and dropped the rate of fire
   so it still feels and performs like it's in the same league as the prior ME2 version.

 M-8 Avenger (Rifle; ME2, ME3):
  increased damage moderately and accuracy more than a bit
  The signature rifle of the franchise in all the promo art should be usable for more of the game.

  M-6 Carnifex (Pistol; ME2, ME3):

   6 round magazine x 3 -> 10 round magazine x 3

   Analogous to extended or double stack magazines. Mitigates limited capacity.

  M-11 Suppressor (Pistol; ME3):

   6 round magazine x 5 -> 10 round magazine x 3

   Analogous to extended or double stack magazines. Same total number of rounds carried.
   *M-6 Carnifex* based firearm ergo similar magazines.

  M-12 Locust (Submachine Gun; ME2, ME3):

   Matches the more potent but less accurate *M-9 Tempest* in damage output,
   20 round magazine x 8 -> 40 round magazine x 9

   Match the damage output per minute of the *M-9 Tempest* while keeping the Locust aesthetics (Tempest is fugly)
   (ME2 Tempest damage 14 per round @ 925 RPM = ME2 Locust damage now 16 per round @ 825 RPM; ME3 Tempest damage
   35.7 per round @ 650 RPM w/ ME3 Locust now the same ). Also, not as much ammo as Tempest but not as low as
   Locust originally (Tempest 9 x 50 round mags versus Locust now 9 x 40 round mags).

  M-15 Vindicator (Rifle; ME2, ME3):

   24 round magazine x 4 -> 24 round magazine x 6 in ME2,
   increased accuracy in ME3

   The weapon's ammunition carried and accuracy now matches in both ME2 and ME3.

  M-76 Revenant (Rifle; ME2, ME3):
   80 round magazine x 6 -> 60 round magazine x 8 in ME2,
   60 round magazine x 5 -> 60 round magazine x 8 in ME3,
   increased accuracy and decreased recoil
   This supposedly top tier weapon was inaccurate by design. Now it's not inaccurate.

  M-96 Mattock (Rifle; ME2, ME3):
   16 round magazine x 4 -> 20 round magazine x 4 in ME2,
   16 round magazine x 6 -> 20 round magazine x 6 in ME3,
   improved accuracy and damage per shot in ME3
   Analogous to extended or double stack magazines. For ME3, improvements developed for its fully automatic
   derivative *Cerberus Harrier* would naturally be incorporated in subsequent examples of the *M-96 Mattock*.

  M-97 Viper (Sniper Rifle; ME2, ME3):

   Damage per shot now boosted into the mid-range,  
   12 round magazine x 4 -> 5 round magazine x 2

   Analogous to heavier caliber. Damage per shot changed to average of that of the initial sniper rifle
   *M-92 Mantis* and the best sniper rifle *M-98 Widow*. Formerly damage per shot was less than that of
   the initial sniper rifle, sacrificing "one shot, one kill" sniper capability for the sake of many
   follow-up shots. That role is better filled by the *M-96 Mattock* available since release of the
   "Firepower Pack" DLC now included with LE.

  M-300 Claymore (Shotgun; ME2, ME3)
   Single shot w/10 rounds carried -> 4 round magazine x 3
   A "bolt action" close-quarters combat firearm is ludicrous.
  N7 Eagle (Pistol, ME3):
   Doubled the damage per shot making single shots or short bursts viable
   18 round magazine x 10 -> 12 round magazine x 10
   In its original setup the pistol was a poor choice for a primary weapon and a waste of carrying capacity as a
   backup. It's now a credible threat while still encouraging being mindful of ammo spent.
  N7 Hurricane (Submachine Gun; ME3):
   Reduced recoil to that of the *M-9 Tempest*,
   reduced ammo usage rate to normal
   This is supposed to be a more desirable and capable arm than the more common *M-9 Tempest* but its formerly
   high recoil and ammunition consumption rate severely limited its actual usefulness. It is now a higher damage
   output alternative to the Tempest but is otherwise comparable. The abovementioned *M-12 Locust* is a higher
   accuracy alternative to the Tempest that matches its damage output.
 Phaeston (Rifle; ME3):
  50 round magazine x 5 -> 50 round magazine x 6,
  reduced recoil, increased accuracy and damage
  Upgraded to a less weighty *M-76 Revenant* substitute; it's now a best of breed full auto rifle.

Squadmate Directed Weapon Edits:
  Cerberus Harrier (Rifle; ME3)

   20 round magazine x 4 -> 20 round magazine x 6,
   squadmates now fire at their normal pace
   Squadmate utilization was formerly dialed back, likely in order to limit their damage relative to the player.

  M-99 Saber (Rifle; ME3):

   8 round magazine x 5 -> 16 round magazine x 5,
   reduced recoil, improved semi-auto rate of fire
   Former increased level of recoil, decreased rate of fire, and low ammunition reserves was a disproportionate
   limit on in-game efficacy. A beefier Mattock work-alike for the squad "tank", Vega.
  N7 Valkyrie (Rifle; ME3)

   16 round magazine x 9 -> 18 round magazine x 8,
   two round bursts -> three round bursts w/total recoil per burst unchanged
   More damage per burst for the NPC Spector squadmate. Same total number of rounds carried but w/magazine
   capacity divisible by 3.

To install this mod, import it into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager v.7+ by dragging and dropping the archive onto the main window of Mod Manager.
Import the mod, and then select the mod on the left, then press Apply Mod. To uninstall the mod, go to Manage Target and select it and choose Disable or Delete.