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Helmets used to disappear in ME1 and will again disappear in ME3.
This mod makes them see through in ME2.
Therefore you won't see it in cut-scenes or combat.
The stats are however still applied.

Permissions and credits
Based on the existing me2 mod, this mod hides the helmets by removing their mesh.  
To install simply unzip the and place the Coalesced_INT.BIN file in the ME2 CookedPCConsole folder (C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole)

Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to remove the helmets in the full armor sets. But this should provide you with about 10 other options.

If you want to combine this mod with other Coalesced_INT mods you can use the following steps to create it yourself:
1. use the LECoal tool to extract your Coalesced_INT.BIN to a location of your preference
2. Open -_-_BIOGame_Config_BIOGame.ini in a text editor like notepad++
3. Search for HelmetAppearances
4. Remove Mesh=( bunch of stuff that specifies what the helmet lookslike),  INCLUDE the comma
5. Repeat this for all helmets you want to be invisible 
6. Make other modifications in the ini files as described by the other mods

Please note that the HelmetAppearances are spread over 2 groups you should find 11 (first one has no mesh defined and can be ignored this is used by the game to specify no helmet behaviour)