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About this mod

Thane Lives is a mod that allows Thane to survive the event of Mass Effect 3 and lets him rejoin the Normandy as a fully voiced non combat crew member.

Permissions and credits
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This mod revamps Thane's story in Mass Effect 3. He'll be able to survive the story and rejoin Shepard on the Normandy. Below is a complete list of features. This mod need to be installed before you meet Thane at Huerta Memorial. You will experience bug otherwise.

Huerta Overhaul:  Huerta's dialogue has been edited. Shepard's in a romance with Thane no longer talk to him like their relationship was a one night stand. It is now much more poignant. More dialogue paths have been added to the  conversation. Thane is no longer fatalistic about his disease. In this mod, his Kepral's is actually on the mend.

Coup: Thane survives the event of the coup and is Bailey's backup at the end of the mission. This mod allows Thane, Kirrahe, and the Salarian Councilor to live. Kai Leng kills no one during the coup.

Rejoining the Normandy: Thane can be recruited back on the Normandy post coup, provided he is loyal. He becomes a non-combat crew member who coordinates Drell forces from the Normandy. He also becomes a war asset. Certain crew member will recognize that he is aboard. Thane will also react to each mission that Shepard completes after his brought back. Thane can be invited to Shepard's cabin  if EGM is installed.

Citadel DLC: Thane will be present during the hangout and party portions of Citadel DLC. He will have different hangouts depending on romance status. For the clone story line, he will be present during the last mission if he is romanced. Otherwise there will be an email from him explaining his absence from that part of the story.

Romance Overhaul: Romancing Thane will now lock in his romance, like all other Mass Effect romances. Certain characters will comment on Shepard being in a romance with him. Romancing Thane will also confer the paramour achievement. Thane also get's a full romance scene before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. He also get's a picture frame in the Normandy cabin, like Tali and Kelly. 

Misc: Kolyat will be present in the embassy after the coup (he will be still working on completing his community service). Shepard can have a small conversation with him.  

Thane get's a codex entry

Thane gets optional outfits via the settings menu. He will change outfits as the game progresses. 

This mod used AI voice cloning. Please do not install  this mod if that concerns you.  This mod follows Nexus policy on the use of AI created works.


This mod requires the LE3 Community Patch and Framework.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager is required to install this mod. Manual installation is not supported.

This mod requires the English version of the game to be active. It is not compatible with the French, German, or Italian versions of the game. 

This mod need to be installed before you meet Thane at Huerta Memorial. You will experience bugs otherwise.
  • Project Variety: Compatible with version or above (Patch on that mod's page)
  • Expanded Galaxy Mod: Compatible natively
  • LE3 Diversification Project:  Compatible with included patch
  • Citadel Epilogue Mod:  Compatible with included patch
  • Take Earth Back:  Compatible with included patch
  • Pinnacle Station Apartment: Compatible with version  1.1 or above
  • Apartment Additions: Compatible natively
  • Audemus Happy Ending Mod: Compatible with version 1.5 or above
  • Super Extra Party Time: Compatible with version 1.1 of this mod or above
  • Shut Up Leng: Compatible
  • Reworked Kai Leng: Compatible
  • Poly Romance Mod: NOT COMPATIBLE
  • Thane Can Live: NOT COMPATIBLE
  • Starchild Be Gone: NOT COMPATIBLE
  • Virmire Savior Mod: NOT COMPATIBLE
  • Optional Flirting Mod: NOT COMPATIBLE
As of right now, the romance part of this mod only supports romances between FemShep and Thane. When Same Gender Romances releases for LE3, I will either patch for it myself or allow for patches to be made for it.

Depending on my time and motivation I might add these features to this mod in the future.

  • More Normandy conversations and crew reactions
  • Thane participating in Citadel: Hanar Diplomat
  • Desert date on Rakhana.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this mod. None of this would be possible without you.

  • MorningAngel
  • ClericofShadows
  • Mith
  • Padme4000
  • PickleJuice
  • MunchyFly
Mod Information

Mount: 5515
TLK Range: 5000000-5000226
Conditional Range: 16022-16066, 4237
Bool Range: 45510 -45538
Plot Unlock: 45537
Transition Range: 15020-15041