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Lore Friendly HD Textures that fix many texture level vanilla bugs, with variant options. Designed to compliment and enhance MELLO but totally works without it.

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Better with: MELLO
All mod author screenshots were taken with MELLO also installed

LEUITM2 is out link

Welcome to:

(Legendary Edition Updated Improved Textures Mod)

This mod is collection of lore friendly High Quality textures reminiscent of my original trilogy mass effect mod MEUITM. All textures carefully crafted for LE experience and this is not a direct port of MEUITM. These textures contain many LE specific bug fixes including resolving upscaling artifacts left over in vanilla LE textures, UV mapping issues, unaligned character teeth, specular channel miss-mapping, normal map miss-mapping, Asari color correction (removes the neon blue), environmental texture enhancements and more.

All textures are optional so if you don't like something dont install it :) and there are variants like LOTSB style Liara vs LEUITM style which is closer to vanilla but heavily worked and enhanced including some classics from MEUITM are back with all new LE versions like Garrus Armor with C-Sec logo, Battle Hardened Wrex, Tali with Visible Face, and smoother Asari faces.

These textures are not quick and dirty A.I. upscale filters, they are upscaled at stage 1 manually or via Cupscale to remove DXT artifacts etc... but then they are hand crafted and painted using promotional art references, my personal texture detail libraries, manual touch ups, all painted and blended in Photoshop with care to preserve specular channels and normal map details in addition to the diffuse, while adding new details and features ensuring they work in any lighting scenario and have maximum depth.

Mod Variants:
This mod has options I call Variants.
You should choose only one to install of each character/category the .mem covers. If you choose more the last one in the list will show up in game.

Variant list and explanation:

AsariScalyLEUITM -More typical look for Asari fairly detail scales on the skin
AsariSmootherLEUITM -slightly softer smoother faces for Asari scale details lessened on forehead cheeks and chin. A little more human like Skin on face
AsariLE1DPCompatLEUITM -this is designed specifically if you use LE1 Diversification Project.

LiaraLEUITM -LE1 style Liara Re-texture
LiaraLOTSBLEUITM -LOTSB LEUITM style Liara Re-texture

GarrusArmorLEUITM -Garrus C-Sec Armor re-texture with lights
GarrusArmorCSecLogoLEUITM - Garrus C-Sec Armor re-texture with lights and C-Sec Logo
GarrusArmorNLLEUITM - Garrus C-Sec Armor re-texture with no lights no logo - closest to unmodded

TaliVisFaceLEUITM - Tali Re-Texture with visible face - all Quarian armors covered
TaliNoVisFaceLIEUTM -Tali Re-Texture without extra visible face details- all Quarian armors covered

WrexLEUITM -vanilla style with some extra details and cleanup
WrexBattleHardenedLEUITM -rough hard worn Wrex, my personal preference

Potential .mem naming confusion:
Sheploo -this is Default male Shepard named after the male model Mark Vanderloo who was used for Shepard's likeness
Broshep - all other male Shep textures, which also includes random NPCs in the game
Femshep - covers all human female textures from character create and random NPCs


Install is the same as other texture mods. All texture mods should be installed after content mods always. Th etexture mod installed last is the one that shows up in game if you are installing multiple mods that have overlapping coverage.

Use Me3Tweaks Mod Manager, in the "Tools" menu open up mem, click the install texture mods, click add to list and browse to the mem files you want to install and add the .mem files, then finally install all mods, or high light them and install selected mods.

**NOTE** If you use LE1DP *Diversification project) mod choose the "AsariLE1DPCompatLEUITM.mem" for the Asari since Audemus (the mod Author of LE1DP) updated the blue color at the material level vs the texture level. This compatibility texture will not mess up that mods color correction.

I hope you enjoy! Happy modding and Happy Mass Effecting!