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Incorporates the defunct Cerberus Daily News articles written by Bioware back into the game as emails.

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Cerberus Daily News Emails
This mod incorporates the defunct Cerberus Daily News articles written by Bioware back into the game as emails. These were canon articles displayed on ME2's main menu after its initial release, updated daily from January 2010 to March 2011, that continued to build the world of Mass Effect and foreshadow DLC and ME3 plotlines. These articles were not preserved by Bioware and survived only because fans archived them on the Mass Effect Wiki, which since April 2011 has remained the only place to read them -- until now.

This mod reintroduces this lost canon material into the game, adding over 50 new emails which will be sent to you as you progress through the game. The text has come directly from the official articles, with some editing for concision and ease of reading. (For instance, all the updates were presented as one giant single paragraph to fit into the main menu; I have edited them accordingly to have line breaks.)

These emails function exactly like emails in the normal game: Kelly will let you know when new ones arrive, and they can be reread from the "Archived Emails" menu after you've read them. Because this is galactic news, unlike most emails in the game, the mod's emails are NOT dependent on your choices: you're free to play as you like and you'll still get them all, no matter which missions you play first or what decisions you make.

Russian, German, Polish, and Italian translations of the mod, by MrGoGaAaAa, Crusadio, Grisza82, and improbabile respectively, are included. A Spanish translation by Deepk is available as a separate file here. If you would like to translate this mod into your language, please contact me.

What is included and why?
However, this mod only includes roughly a third of the total articles, as incorporating them all was impractical for two reasons: first, that there were about five times as many articles as there were missions in the game, so there was no way to realistically space them out to simulate the passage of time; second, coupled with the emails already in the original game, including them all would mean drowning the player in somewhere around 8-15 emails after every single mission.

Priority has been given to articles which foreshadow or introduce plot elements used in ME3 or in ME2's DLC, or articles that helped reinforce the themes of the narrative (e.g., AIs and selfhood). Every article involving a major plot point from the trilogy has been included. Care has also been taken to space emails out so that you don't get overwhelmed: you shouldn't get more than two new emails after a mission; three at the absolute most.

The mod's emails are framed as coming from "GBC News" (as in Galactic Broadcasting Corporation), a front for Cerberus mentioned in the Shadow Broker's dossiers in LotSB, and later in the articles themselves. This is because it was doubtful that daily news updates would be literally coming from a secretive organization like Cerberus.

Further, 10 new emails written by myself have been included to help introduce the new content, add flavor, or flesh out certain elements of the narrative. These blend articles with interesting but non-critical information with commentary from your squad, and include:
  • An email from Miranda at the beginning of the game introducing the mod's content.
  • Flavor emails from Jack, Grunt, and Samara after completing their loyalty missions.
  • A new email from Garrus and Tali each, after finishing the Collector Ship mission, IF Garrus was recruited in ME1; you'll also get a brief extra email from Tali if you've completed the "Omega: Batarian Bartender" quest BEFORE recruiting Tali.
  • A lengthy new email from Anderson that adds to the subplot of rising tensions between the Batarians and the Alliance, after meeting with the Council (regardless of whether you're reinstated as a Spectre or not).
  • Spacer Shepards will now receive the vanilla game's email from their mother even if they didn't complete "Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things" in ME1.
  • Spacer Shepards will also receive a new email from Anderson after finishing Horizon, and another new email from their mother after completing any three missions after Horizon.

Can this mod be installed on an existing save?
It sure can! You can install this mod safely on any save no matter how far you are into the game, and you'll still get every email! With the way the mod's scripting works, existing saves will still receive any emails they would've received if they had the mod installed earlier - so if you've already finished Horizon, you'll get every email scheduled to be received before finishing Horizon instantly upon loading your save. All future emails will behave as normal, and be spaced out as you finish missions.

Installation and Uninstallation

To install:

To uninstall:
  • With LE2 selected in the Installation Target dropdown, click on Manage Target.
  • Click on the Delete button next to Cerberus Daily News Emails.

Compatibility & Info For Modders
This mod uses the email merge format to add its emails and is automatically compatible with any other mods that add emails to LE2, regardless of whether they also use the email merge format or edit the messages PCC directly.

  • New integers from 28210 - 28265
  • TLK string IDs from 5931300 - 5931411
  • TLK file ID: 5233

Thanks and Acknowledgements
  • Beccatoria for technical advice, writing feedback, and compatibility info
  • Linden for tracking down a very elusive integer and providing writing feedback
  • phoenixsoul13, DropTheSquid, and hoarous for writing feedback
  • Khaar for technical advice
  • The Mass Effect Wiki for archiving all the articles in the first place
  • MrGoGaAaAa, Crusadio, Deepk, Grisza82, and improbabile for contributing translations