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Rebalances the full automatic crafting augmentation to be a sidegrade rather than a heavy hitting ammo eating augment.

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The goal with this mod is to rebalance the full automatic system augmentation so that it is no longer the overpowered boss deleter that shreds through its ammo pool, and is instead something that can turn a single fire or burst weapon like the halberd or the valkyrie into something more comparable in performance to the rifles that are already intended to be fully automatic

All testing was done based on the Halberd at rank VII (thanks to the groundside firepower pack), Other weapon types have not been tested, but should be fine, who cares anyways, it's a singleplayer game.

The new augment stats are as follows:
Magazine Size further increased: +120%, was +20%
Weapon Damage further reduced: -65% 55%, was -40%
Spare ammo increased: +200%, was +0%
Rate of Fire unchanged: +50%
Accuracy unchanged: -40%

Changes aren't reflected in the augment's item description cuz im dumb and don't know how to change that.


Damage penalty tempered down to -55% instead of -65%. This felt better after more long term testing.