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  1. UhuruNUru
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    Why didn't you just update the first version?

    You're not meant to upload updates as new mods.
    You can even rename the old mod page, if that's was the reason. You could change everything on the mod page to look exactly like this new one.
    The other advantage is those that downloaded the original, get notified the mods been updated, while this is just a new mod to them.
  2. twinIndifferent
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    Someone still making mods for MEA. Great job man.
    1. UhuruNUru
      • premium
      • 977 posts
      • 22 kudos
      Where have you been, mod making for Andromeda has never stopped, indeed it's picked up speed since Frosty gained the ability to add meshes for the Frostbite 3 games it supports, in the list below, PY = Previous Year of Nexus mods
      Dragon Age: Inquisition gets more Mods (314 PY)
      Mass Effect: Andromeda (36 PY) is no slouch
      The slow one is Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (4 PY)

      Against the more easily modded Unreal 3 Engine based Mass Effect games it's holds up much better.
      Mass Effect (37 PY)
      Mass Effect 2 (38 PY)
      Mass Effect 3 (86 PY)
      Mass Effect: Andromeda (36 PY)

      Fact is Andromeda is not as bad as all the memes suggest, and (shock horror) the original trilogy is not as good as the rose tinted fanboy memories.

      The thing is, no self respecting RPG mod user, puts BioWare (or Bethesda Games Studios), on the pedestal of perfect games, like console gamers seem to.
      We know all the games have huge flaws, and we also know, that we will never agree on what flaws need changing, but we don't have to.
      We pick, and choose the mods to get our personalised games where we want them, these are the games we really like, not the vanilla versions.