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  • Turian Ryder - Version 1.01 Beta


    - Add more casual outfits to the Tempest wardrobe.

    - Apply turian armor visuals to all standard gear sets ( does not include Heleus / Deepspace ) to allow you to use any gear which fits the most to your style.

    - Apply turian agent armor visual to Scavenger armor.

    - Move assaultrifles and snipers attachment point to the hips / legs, in order to reduce the incomfort of having a rifle poping out of your shoulder... This is a temporary modification while I resolve the attachment binding point issue. I would recommend you to also use watafuzz's Hip Holstered Shotguns if you plan to use shotguns.

    - Add three optionnal files to change Ryder's head. Remember than using those head variations also modifies non-unique turia...