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Turns default Scott Ryder into a turian character.

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Ever felt like the Tempest would need some... calibrations ?

This mod turns default Scott Ryder into a turian character, requires Mass Effect Andromeda patch 1.10. 
I would highly recommend you to use invetro's Turian Makeover for a better result (as seen on screenshots).

This is a beta version, which means there still are some issues and bugs (listed below) I'm working on. In other words : the current version is playable but neither stable or finished. Feel free to report any bugs you might found during your playthrough. I'm also open to any suggestions / additions to the final version, but let's be clear : I won't do commission for personnal casual / armor swap. If there are modders among you who could know how to resolve the actual issues, I would be glad to listen to you ;)

Features :

  • Playable turian male character for singleplayer mode
  • Casual shortsleeve, Andromeda I and Pathfinder I to X sets have been modified, more options should be available in future versions, such as Bone Warpaint/Eye color variations, more armors and casuals.
  • No voice modification so far, I haven't worked on this aspect yet.
  • Currently working on the turian female character, but a problem with FaceFx compatibility doesn't allow me to release a playable version so far.

Known Issues / Bugs :

  • Most of the base animations have been shaped for human skeleton, and cause some clipping situations during cinematics. To my knowledge, there is nothing I can do about that.
  • While the character's body takes a "turian" pose during most cinematics / dialogues, it keeps getting back to human posture / walk animation during the gameplay phases. I'm currently working to fix this, but without any results so far.
  • Holstered Weapon attachment points are actually bugged (or still configured for the human skeleton) which clips with the turian model. I'm currently working to fix this, but without any results so far.
  • For an unknown reason, game tends to... crash if the player die ! As said before : I'm currently working to fix this, but without any results so far. The only way to avoid this for now is to stay alive :)
  • As far as there is no naked turian body, I didn't try to modify the human naked body. I didn't get my test sessions this far, but any romance scene including Ryder's naked body should be, for the less, bugued or cause a crash. I have no intentions to work on that for the moment !

Incompatibilities :

- Asari Ryder, as both mods use some of the same assets.

Installation :

Use Frost Mod Manager v1.0.5.2 to install.

Credits :

Genamine for his answers and his Asari Ryder, which inspired me this mod.