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The main goal is to change the way of displaying HUD markers to get rid of the mess on the compass and make navigation in Andromeda much easier and more convenient.

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Some thoughts about why I'm trying to change that

Very often during the game I've tried to sort out the mess that occurs on the compass due to the large number of markers displayed on it at the same time. Because of this, they are becomes just useless in a certain game situation and most often only interfere with navigation and cause confusion.
In order to find a waypoint marker and determine the direction of movement I forced to return to the map menu again and again.   
A little up or down arrow on compass must discloses which direction you need to go when you are close to an object, person or waypoint and often this ends up not being helpful because it doesn’t take into account the vertical orientation of the objects.

Therefore, I tried to transfer some part of the markers from compass directly onto the map surface that allows to determine their location taking into account the difference in height levels more correctly, which, to my opinion, to some extent allowed  getting rid of the mess with that damn compass navigation.

List of transferred markers:

 - update v1.1, 26/03/2019,  check the Changelogs tab
 - update v1.2, 31/03/2019, check the Changelogs tab
 - update v1.3, 07/04/2019, check the Changelogs tab
- update v1.4, 13/04/2019, check the Changelogs tab
- update v1.5, 19/04/2019, check the Changelogs tab
- update v2.0, 12/05/2019, check the Changelogs tab

Description of markers displaying

1. The waypoint marker will always be displayed only on the screen (if it marks on the map) until you reached it location.
2. The main quest objective marker (or markers if there are several) will always be displayed on the screen and also on the compass if it tracked on the map or activated in the quest journal.
3. The optional quest marker will be displayed as well if it provided for your current mission.
4. All other markers from list above will be hidden or will be displayed only on the screen if you are nearby of their visibility area.
5. Each of the markers has it own fixed distance when it becomes visible: the marker will appear if you approach  to it location and disappear when you move away.
6. Above the markers also indicated distance to them.
7. The markers in visibility zone will tracked if they are off-screen.

Some texture changes

1. To make the HUD less cluttered the compass background texture was deleted (only N, S, W, E are shown).
2. The textures of markers of waypoint, friendly NPC's and hostile NPC's was changed for the same reason. 
3. The markers size reduced by 50%
4. Some of the markers colored to be more noticeable on the map.
5. Changed the quest markers texture to look less intrusive. 
6. Changed the player marker texture to N7 logo to be more noticeble on the map.
7. Changed the trader, granade, ally, search zone markers.


Check the screenshots to see how it looks in game.

install use Frosty Mod Manager
Compatible with v.1.10

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Many thanks to community
Many thanks to Frosty Development Team
Many thanks to BioWare

Any feedback is welcome!