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An atempt to slightly improve the game performance, with custom command variables known from other Frostbite games.

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Latest version ( 0.58 ) fixes previous version problems with lighting and colors (psychedelic rainbow hue, etc).
Ray tracing parameters were pointed as the cause, those have now been removed.

If you're using Frosty Mod Manager (Frosty Tool Suite), its author suggests to place the USER.CFG file into the "ModData" directory.

This "mod/tweak" was tested (and works) with game version 1.05, and should also work with all future patches/versions.



This is an atempt to slightly improve the game performance, without noticeably affecting visuals.
It's primarily aimed at users with PC systems at about or above the minimum requirements for this game but, of course, anyone can have a go.
This "mod/tweak" contains a USER.CFG file, which is placed in the game main folder. This is basically a text file with custom command variables not found in the ingame options settings (and it will not change those directly). 
These variables originate from other Frostbite based games (BF and SW:BF series, DA:I, etc), and seem to work fine also with Mass Effect Andromeda.
Some of these variables are widely proven and effective, while others are experimental and open to interpretation (some call them "placebo").
Regardless, I've decided to include them all. 
Feel free to play around with the custom command variables/settings (that's another point with this).
If you do find interesting results, do post about it (knowledge is power, and all that).


One should always use the correct ingame GRAPHICS settings according to the PC in use. This mod/tweak does not change that fact.
I prefer to set my own (custom settings) instead of using one of the given presets, so I've also attached a screenshot of them, as suggestion.
This combination does make a usefull difference with my PC system (that's why I uploaded this), and I know that it can improve things for others.
But... it can not do miracles.
Please don't waste my time and yours with complaints, that "it's same as before" and "still with framerate in the 20s" and so on.
Mass Effect Andromeda is not a particularly well optimized game, and that's just the way it is.
If you're strugling too much with framerate, then either further reduce graphics settings, or look into better hardware. (sorry!)


Place the USER.CFG file in your Mass Effect Andromeda main installation directory (it's where the game executable is found).
If in doubt, the default path should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda"

The next step is optional, but strongly recommended.

You'll notice that I've attached a screenshot (an image) of my ingame GRAPHICS settings. 
For PC systems with hardware slightly above the minimum requirements, those settings present a nice compromise for "good performance with good looks". 
Base your ingame settings on those, adapting/changing yours when and if necessary, to better suit your own needs.
I suggest taking note of your settings before doing any changes (just in case you wish to revert).

To uninstall the mod/tweaks, delete the USER.CFG file from your Mass Effect Andromeda main installation directory.

 Please take a moment to read the "READ ME", as there are also some additional notes that may be of interest.