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A collection of small edits I made that I don't feel need their own mod page.

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For game version 1.10. Using it on older versions may cause issues!

A collection of small edits I made that I don't feel need their own mod page.


Birds Be Gone
Get's rid of the low-res, physics defying birds in various locations. Why are there buzzards in Andromeda anyways??

No More Town Drunk
Changes the idle animation of the drunk woman on Eos. Requested by whodatninja117.

Faster Aim
Removes the slowdown on camera movement while aiming. Since I wasn't able to hit pretty much anything with a sniper rifle because of it.

Vintage Heat Sink Ammo Drain Workaround
Sets the clip ammo of any weapon with a Vintage Heat Sink to 9999 when switching to another weapon in order to prevent it from draining ammo caches. Won't work if the weapon is holstered while switching it out. The ammo will be automatically reset when switching back to the weapon.

A workaround until there is a proper fix.

Subtle FTL
Removes the white flashing effects when traveling between star systems. Requested by 01386612.

Right Handed Pistol Holster
Changes the default holster position for pistols to the right leg. Requested by Jninja98.

No Talk Restriction
Removes the angle restriction from interacting with NPCs so you can talk to them while standing behind them. Some angles might cause weirdness in some of the zoom-in conversations. Requested by joolmos.


You'll need Frosty Mod Manager to install the mod. Download it from here:


Thanks to Ehamloptiran (GalaxyMan) for the Frosty Tool Suite.