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  1. Skaramoosh
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    Added another version of the PB Outfit to Initiative Chest-this one is with the chest armor visible. It will clip. If you find the clipping distracting, there is another version without the chest piece. Under "Main Files".
  2. nekris666
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    very nice its a shame theres no male version, i dont even know if is possible to edit a bit this armor to fit males since the original mesh was made for female only.
  3. awaler
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    Hello everybody, would it be possible to make a version where the Initiative Chest Armour to Peebee Outfit with Heavy Outlaw Chest Armor replaces the Kett Chest Armour rather than the Initiative? I have no idea where to get started with the Frosty Editor to do so myself, any help would be much appreciated.
  4. nemtek
    • supporter
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    Initiative Outlaw armor is not tintable but in your screen shot you have a black colored one. How do I color the outlaw armor portion???
  5. KukkhueWitcher
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    Hey! Love the mod. Can I/you use it to change just peebee's outfit?
  6. pussystem
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    wait my stomach blue idont under stand lol
  7. User_6170406
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    Tintable Sash on Sloanes Flair does not work, it is not displayed correctly.

    Edit: It works now. I did not read well.

    And... Could you update this mod? Please.
  8. Althaia
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    Edit: Never mind.
  9. Xtudo
    • member
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    First, thanks for the mods.

    Now a litte request: Initiative theme for Peebee's outfit showing her skin. I just want PB to use the new colors.

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Rumot
    • member
    • 95 posts
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    sorry, I'm having a bug. in any armor involved menu, my character is invisible, and when equip it, the outcast armor overlays my casual outfit on the tempest and intowns. on top of that, the armor itself is clipped with the default outfit. as in the default under armor is showing as well, causing a conflict of some kind. I would like some help, as I really want to use this cool mod.
  11. Phnx
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    Thanks for the modder's resource! There are too few modders who do this!