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A number of small mods that allow you to customise your experience by choosing which parts of the HUD you want disabled

Permissions and credits
Requires Frosty Mod Manager

Contains the following mods

1.  No Compass
Completely removes the compass at the top of the screen

2. Basic Compass
Removes the compass except for the indicators of the 4 cardinal directions.  Unobtrusive and convenient

3.  No Player Health Bar
Removes the player health and shield bar.  The game still gives good indications when you're taking damage, lose your shields etc

4.  No Nomad HUD
Removes most of the HUD when you're driving the Nomad.  The Life Support gauge is still there, as is the compass unless you use the relevant mod above.  Unfortunately, hiding the HUD makes mining impossible, but I think the feel of driving with a nice clear screen is worth it

5.  No Ammo Counter
Removes the ammo counter, and the picture of the gun you're using, on the bottom left of the screen.  I find it pretty easy to get by without it, but YMMV

6.  No Squad HUD
Removes the icons associated with the squadmates at the bottom of the screen.  Updated version available as seperate download to get rid of a couple of cosmetic lines

7.  No Power Row
Removes the Power icons on the bottom right.  The cooldown indicators around the reticule remain

8.  No Enemy Health Bars
Removes the enemy health bars, as well as shield and armour bars, and enemy name tags.  Loses quite a bit of functionality, but I think adds quite a lot of immersion and potentially welcome challenge.

Additional mods available

9. No Special Ammo Icon 
Removes the little blue icon that shows near the ammo counter when you use ammo consumables

10. No Gun Icon
Removes the gun icon while keeping the ammo numbers. Intended to be used instead of No Ammo Counter if preferred

11. No Mission Tracker
Removes the mission tracker in the top right, mostly. Can't get rid of the name of the quest

By LiquidBronze

1. No Hit Indicator and No Mantle Arrow
(Updated to work with 1.09)
2. No Shield or Small Triangle

1. Extract the files
2. Instal using Frosty Mod Manager
3. Launch the game using Frosty Mod Manager