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DeltaType7 - Original work by Wavebend

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This mod will greatly improve your character's sprint speed as well as jump height and distance.

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Hey guys and gals :)

This is my updated version of Wavebend's popular Insane Mobility (WIP) mod, with his permission and invaluable help I managed to replicate his work and update it so it will now work with game build 1.07 and I will continue to maintain it for as long as I play ;)

What It Does:

This mod will greatly improve your character's mobility, it does this by among other:

- Making your character react faster when you tell it to change directions and getting rid of that pesky two-extra-steps-before-stop, when you stop holding the button, the character stops moving, as it should be :)

- Increasing the sprint speed, I think that's pretty self explanatory ;)

- Adding a little extra kick to your jump pack, increasing both jump height and jump distance, as well as upgrading your directional thrusters to give you better control while airborne.

Optional File(s):

- Hyper Mobility - Mk 1 (WIP)
  - This file is basically the same as the main file, but with slightly less powerful jump capabilities.

- Hyper Mobility - Mk 2
  - This file is basically the same as the main file, but running and sprinting speed have been increased a bit more.
     - Please be aware that increased movement speeds may have an impact on the frame rate of older PCs.

- Hyper Mobility - Grounded (WIP)
  - This file is basically the same as the main file, but without the increased jump capabilities.

File Extension Note:

Downloads now includes both a MEAMOD and a FBMOD file.

Before installing (For MEAExplorerWV users only):

If people have previously used Wavebend's Insane Mobility mod or you are about to install a newer version of my mod, please first install the "Miscellaneous" file called "Hyper Mobility - The Cleaner", this should reset all previous changes made by both his and my mod and should make sure you get a clean install of the new one ;)


To install this mod you need to use either MEAExplorerWV or FrostyModManager.

Additional Notes:

This mod will modify the following .EBX files:
- soldierphysicsdata.ebx
- jumpinputreaderstatuseffect.ebx