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Compatibility between Road Rage - Mobility and Fast Mining was outdated and was not fixed so I made it into one single mod.

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As you all know, there is a compatibility issue with Fast Mining mod and Road Rage - Mobility mod.

So I added fast mining to road rage mobility and compiled it into one single mod that fixes the issue.

No functions has been changed since I just added my own coded fast mining into it made similar to fuxsart's mod.

Since no one is willing to do it. Here! Thank me now or later!

Credits to these guys for providing their .fbproject files:

Also, a small credit to fuxsart's Fast Mining mod for it's concept only. He didn't provide files from his mod so...

I only used their files as a reference to the making of this mod and re-doing it on an updated fresh vanilla file.

Made and tested using Frosty Editor/Mod Manager Beta 5 using the latest version of the game v1.10