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  1. MMaya
    • member
    • 878 posts
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    Can someone please make a mod that shuts up Cora's repeating line during combat about "Shields boosted" every few min?? :)))
    I would do it but I don't know how! :(
  2. Yattojawhi
    • supporter
    • 12 posts
    • 0 kudos
    The annoying reminders ruined this game for me on ps4, then i looked and saw that this mod existed, so I bought it on pc solely for this modification.  It saved the game for me, thanks.  I also found lots of other great mods, this game is so much better on pc.
    1. spartacus100686
      • premium
      • 2 posts
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      You got that right!! The PC version is so much better.
  3. andyxx1976
    • supporter
    • 31 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Is there a non-mod manager version? Or a guide which files to edit? So i can put it permanently into the game files?

    So i don't have to start the game through the mod manager each time. I really don't like this system over how normal mod managers do things. Even if it (finally) works and the mod manager doesn't break for no good reasons all mods with a version change.
    1. ThePrinceOfHell
      • premium
      • 214 posts
      • 15 kudos
      Mod manager provides ability to mod, not just installation. You cant use mods with this game without it
  4. pro100tehb305
    • member
    • 9 posts
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    ty for mod, is it possible to shut up sam also if there is nearby herb/minerals (find ~16 minerals and herbs quest)? He f***ed up so many my teammates conversations. Arghhh
  5. rev22x20
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    At first, I just downloaded the one for the AVP because I thought "Hey, SAM isn't so bad..."

    But then I got to Voeld and I want to rip my ears off.
    I just remembered how annoying SAM was.

    So thanks!
  6. littlestbirds08
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    Will this fix SAM interrupting banter while driving in the Nomad?
  7. krexel
    • supporter
    • 153 posts
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    1. To the author If you still get messages from posts in this thread.  A big thank you.

    2. I extracted the file from the RAR and moved the file over.  Though it did give me a warning that it was for older game version it does work fine for me.  I had a save where i was in tunnel and every 10 meters there was  heater. so moving along the tunnels  was messages every five minutes that temperature had changed. 
  8. onedownyeahs
    • premium
    • 182 posts
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    One of the 5 best mods for Andromeda, thank you for this!
  9. Governments
    • member
    • 153 posts
    • 4 kudos
    Does it work with 1.10?
    1. Londrandir1974
      • member
      • 672 posts
      • 8 kudos
      So far, seems to be working for me in 1.10.
  10. BySpartan
    • supporter
    • 44 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Hi there. I try to download any of the mods but it says that the archive contains no installable mods. 
    1. watafuzz
      • supporter
      • 453 posts
      • 72 kudos
      extract it before installing
    2. Tinymind
      • premium
      • 201 posts
      • 3 kudos
      I tried extracting it but that just gave an error when trying to load it. 
      Couldn't force the Frosty Mod Manager to use it as it just failed to work while the extracted files were present.
      Using FMM version
      I used to use the mod but now whatever I try I cant get it working any more. 
      I got game working with Mod but the game now suffers freezing and some weirdness such as falling through ground right after leaving Tempest and subsequently dying. Also lots of stuttering and moments of freezing then total freeze.
      Playing Andromeda since release that had never happened before. Removed mod from Frosty list and game performs as usual...
      Since last Patch this mod is not behaving, Sad as it is a must have too.