Mass Effect Andromeda
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For those, like me who prefer narration, lore, and exploration to challenge and adrenaline rush.
This mod boosts your character to level 132 with enough skills points to unlock all skills (including MP).
At the same time, this unlocks all the research and development schematics.

Permissions and credits
Mod Content :

1. XP Table reworked:

  • Level 002 : 002 XP
  • Level 003 : 003 XP
  • Level [...]
  • Level 132: 132 XP

2. Skill Points Table reworked:

  • Enough Skill Points to fully unlock all powers.

This mod was made with Frosty's Editor v1.0.6 Beta 2 (the Project File is provided too, for easier mod support, better self documentation, and for didactic purpose).

Mod Installation:

  1. Install the mod using Frosty's Mod Manager (see "Requirements" Section).
  2. Set the mod in last position in the loading order queue.
  3. In case the mod will not act retroactively (i'm not sure as this is my first mod), you may need to reroll  in a new game.

This mod is not compatible with Power Overhaul Mod.


This mod was Inspired by (many thanks to them for their creativity, time and work) :

This mod illustration image source is Nevox01 (via Deviant Art).