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Allows for gamepad and mouse/keyboard controls at the same time. Useful for Steam Controller, Steam Deck, or other unusual control schemes.

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This mod has two modes you can install it in. Both will work in either single player or multiplayer. There are no known incompatibilities.

First, Console mode.
This is intended to be used with one of the controller mods. It adds back in most of the keyboard and mouse controls that are removed by the controller mods, as well as adding mouse camera control in the weapon and power wheels. All interfaces are untouched, and will only work with controller inputs. This does mean you will need to switch output from mouse to right analog stick to scroll in certain dialogs and menus, and to rotate views in other menus. This does not bring back the command HUD, and hotkeys 1-8 will not work. This is the recommended mode if you want to use mostly console controls, but mouse for camera movement, and maybe a few other keys like quicksave as part of your controller scheme. I may try to improve this in the future.

Second is PC mode.
This is intended to be used without any controller mod. It simply enables left joystick movement. All menus and interfaces are untouched. It does not bring in the Power or Weapon Wheels. This is the recommended mode if you want mostly mouse/keyboard controls, but analog movement. 

Install using a recent version of ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. You will pick the mode at install time. To uninstall, simply delete the mod dlc folder in ME3Tweaks Mod Manager's mange target dialog, or manually in file explorer.

Works very well with my other mod, Storm Improvements.