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Adds a tap (rather than hold) to sprint button. Works with mouse/keyboard and controller, and in both single player and multiplayer. Also optionally improves camera/character control while sprinting while using a controller.

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Backport of The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition mod by the same name, by me.

Adds left alt and left analog stick click as tap to sprint buttons. Makes aiming or firing automatically end sprinting.

Works in both single player and multiplayer without any controller mods.
Works with either single player or multiplayer controller mods.
Optional camera control component patches sfxgame.pcc and must be installed after the controller mod, and reapplied when switching controller mods.

Must be installed using ME3Tweaks Mod Manager, using a recent version, as this uses the newer merge format to patch game files.

Uninstall by removing the DLC mod and reverting SFXGame.pcc, if applicable, in the mod manager's Manage Target dialog.

Works very well with my other mod for using a Steam Controller or similar input device.