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Revamped Biotic Flare power with 2 options, balanced and godly. Gives new attributes and stats to flare bonus power.

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"I am a Biotic GOD!!"

Ever thought if you can ever reach biotic godhood like Niftu Cal? Well with the Omega DLC you could, Aria has bestowed us with the ulimate power, Biotic Flare, an on demand biotic explosion! Or so we thought, realistically Flare is good until Inanity difficuly and with its base cooldown its only good on the soldier and infiltrator class. Not only that, the biotic power does only 0.5x damage to armor unlike other powers.

Not only that, in its current state, its a damage sink for power classes based on DPS alone. Not only that, with the existence of higher difficulty mods, dlc mods that give us mp powers, or outright methods to load in mp poweers, flare just collects dust. I cannot let such a flashy power be ignored. So i decided to do something about it!

Introducing the Revamped Biotic Flare Mod. This mod contains 2 versions of the flare mod, a balanced version called Converged Flare and a godlike version called Phantom Flare (for those who wants more chaos, I personally use this version like a heavy weapon). 

The Balanced version contains a new and improved flare that makes it more useful to power classes without making it to strong.
The Damage and force was left untouched, base cool down decreased to 8 sec while the armor damage multiplier was buffed back to 1.75 times (moving it in line with most heavy hitting biotic powers) all the while decreasing impact radius to 4.5m to balance out the indirect damage buff. This makes flare more attractive bonus power for both vanilla and modded me3. 

Now the Godly version only exist because I thought flare should be like the ultimate power. The visual effects on the power looks like a dark energy bomb, it looks like nothingness oozing out, and as such I thought why not give it absurd damage. Due to how the Unreal Engine works, I managed to give it Infinite damage (like how nothingness and dark energy could be infinite i.e Big RIP), this causes the power to even one shot infinite health enemies if they existed. This version is best used as a scarce power and it can still be blocked by phantoms and banshee, as well was it keeps the higher cool down for a bit of balance.

Ultimately its up to you which version you use, but both versions are fun. Its recommended to use this mod on insanity or using any difficulty inducing mods.

To install this mod, you would need to own the Omega DLC but also This mod does require WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be downloaded and installed in the "Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32" folder:

This mod is compatible with most of the mods as I gave it a mount priority lower then most of the game play changing mods.

How to install:
New to Version 2.0, took both options and turned into unique bonus powers, removed PowerID conflicts with Inferno Grenade that Vanilla Flare has

1.) If its the first time installing the mod, just extract and copy DLC_MOD_RF into DLC folder for Mass Effect 3
2.) If your upgrading from previous version, just delete the previous DLC_MOD_RevampedFlare and copy the new DLC_MOD_RF into Mass Effect 3 DLC folder

NOTE: If upgrading from 1.5 note that previous version had dependancies and as such any current save file using the previous version will not work. So as such you may have to use a previous save or a new save file. 

Optionally if you are more comfortable using ME3 Mod Manager, you can import the 7z file as a new mod and apply it that way. Whatever works for you!

Thanks for being patient and hopefully the new method makes using the mod way easier.