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This mod tries to recreate the Mass Effect 1 Biotic gameplay experience by removing projectiles.

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This mod removes the projectiles from Pull, Throw, Warp and Singularity. Paired with the Individual Cooldowns Mod this results into a gameplay experience very similar to Mass Effect 1.

The easiest and recommended way to install this mod is by using the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

If you want to install the mod manually make sure that you have installed ErikJS's Binkw32 Proxy DLL, as this enables the game to load unsigned DLCs. After that simply extract the 7z and copy the DLC_MOD_CBIOTIC directory into your %ME3PATH%\BIOGame\DLC directory. (Replace %ME3PATH% with your ME3 installation path, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3)

If you are not happy with the mod or simply want to remove it because of other reasons, uninstallation is very easy. Either use your mod manager or remove the DLC_MOD_CBIOTIC directory from ME3's DLC directory.

The source files of the Mod are hosted on GitHub. If you are interested how I made the Mod or want to improve or customize it, stop by.

The ME3Explorer Team for ME3Explorer
Mgamerz for the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
Mgamerz, FemShep and Shad0wlife for their awesome Individual Cooldowns Mod
Myself for this Mod