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Removes the animation that plays when switching systems via use of Mass Relays and allows for instant travel.

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This mod removes the 9 second long animation that plays whenever you travel to a different system by using a Mass Relay, saving you valuable time and nerves. Travel between systems will be instant.
This mod will be installed as a custom DLC, allowing for easy installation and removal without altering any of your files.


This mod is incompatible with the Expanded Galaxy Mod and any mod that builds upon it, or any other mod that modifies BioD_Nor_203CIC.pcc.
Exception to this is the SP Controller Mod, which can be made compatible via ModManagers GUI compatibility patch generation tool.


Import the mod into Mod Manager.
Apply the mod.
If you're using SP Controller mod, generate a compatibility patch. Mod Management -> Custom DLC Conflict Detector, then follow the instructions.
Apply the compatibility patch.
Play the game!


Disable or delete the DLC using Mod Manager (Restore -> Custom DLC Manager).
If you generated a compatibility patch, delete that as well.
If you were using other mods that require a compatibility patch, remember to generate and apply a new one without Relay Be Gone.


Shoutouts to Mgamerz and Orikon for their help in turning this from a dirty hack into a more elegant solution.