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Defend the galaxy on 16 new battlefields in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer!

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Mass Effect 3: Redemption brings you to 16 new locations from across the galaxy!

It's time to take the fight to the enemy in these iconic warzones!
Included are 16 maps ported from singleplayer, with many MP specific fixes.

Mod Compatibility
This mod works with MP Controller Support as well as Interface Scaling Mod. It also works with Mass Effect 3: Rejection. By installing this mod, you will override the following features from ModMaker:

Some of the unreleased maps pictures are changed as I needed some slots and had significant difficulty expanding them without issues.

This mod requires all 5 of the free MP DLC content packs. You do not need any of the SP DLC - all required files are included (and were modified to work).

Everyone that wants to play must have the DLC installed.You can only join people on the same EXE version as well as with all the same MP DLC installed. So if you install Redemption and Rejection, all players must have Redemption and Rejection installed. Ensure all users are on the same version of the mods or you will have a bad time. Here's a list of known bugs.
  • You will more often lose audio/visual effects. Due to the way these maps are loaded, lots of extra data is also loaded, which means more memory pressure for the engine. This is unaffected by the amount of system memory you have and is part of how the engine is optimized.
  • Off host, you will see a few oddities of missing things that the host can see. They don't have any gameplay impact:
    •  --- Invasion: The overhead red alert light only spins but does not cast actual red light
    •  --- Sanctuary: Some shuttles in the distance show up as shuttle guts instead of full shuttles. (This applies to all areas a shuttle should be except the ones I specifically placed)
    •  --- Shipwreck: The camera sway effect is not applied off host. So off host players finally get an advantage :)
    •  --- All Armax Maps: The timer does not tick up off host
    •  --- Armax: Pain Train: The water does not scroll with the train car speed
  • Quick match does not work if the game you are searching for is one of the new maps. This is due to map list size limitations imposed by the game. You can join official maps in progress however.
  • Pathfinding on some maps may lead to bigger enemies doing crazy things like popping over cover. The main issue you will find is the Atlas doing things it should not be. On Firebase Refuge, the Atlas going from upstairs to downstairs may pop through the roof, unfortunately I cannot fix this issue without a huge investment of time. These maps weren't designed for large enemies and as such you will get some crazy stuff sometimes. Really, there is little I can do about this.
  • Some areas on maps won't have cover that seem like they should. Cover is an incredibly complex system that is not yet fully understood so creating new cover is not really possible at this time.

Installation of this mod is done through Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager. Just drag the 7z file onto the main interface and import it. Then apply it. To disable it, use the Custom DLC Manager under the Restore menu to either disable or delete it from your game installation.

The following people helped develop this mod.

Massive technical assistance
  • KinkoJiro (IMMENSELY!)
  • Aquadran

Testing and QA
  • Transam617
  • Hallashyn
  • Tregolani
  • TheInvisibleGuardian
  • NoxXIV
  • Zergged
  • Avina N7S

  • Polish - Sonashii
  • French - fmulder, alfonsde
  • Italian - vastator, Boatinhovic
  • Japanese - aznitrous
  • Russian - Sonashii, aznitrous
  • Spanish - lvca_gr
  • German - DogeDondalo, frankiscrank

As is all of my content, this mod is in no way or form supported or endorsed by BioWare or Electronic Arts.