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Ashley wears Ajax Armour in Alliance Colours
during the Citadel Coup

Permissions and credits
Hello Everyone,

This Ashley DLC Ajax Armour in Alliance Colours untilzes assets (brilliant textures and mesh) from the following:

Ashley's Citadel Coup default blue 'dress-suit' outfit is replaced with Tarkov33/Jackknife35's Ajax Armour in Alliance Colours from
Survivor686's Ashley Warpack mod and the armour officially available from Chashan's Ajax Armor in Alliance Colors mod, here on me3nexus.

Survivor686 and Chashan both gave their kind permission to have this Ajax Armour in Alliance Colours released here in this DLC mod.
I am very thankful to them both.

What this mod does?

  • Ashley's default blue 'dress-suit' outfit is replace with the Ajax Armour in Alliance Colours.
  • Ashley's Long Hair is replaced with my version where Her hair does not cover her eye, in addition to the armour.
  • Shep and his/her team get a Carnifex Pistol replacing the default Predator one.

Install Instructions
Copy and paste the "DLC_ASH_CitCoup" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC). 

1. Does this mod affect other Ashley combat/non-combat mods?
No. This DLC mod only works through BioD_Cat003_780FinalConvos.pcc & BioD_Cat003_780FinalConvos_LOC_INT files.
They are specific to Ashley's Citadel Coup scene only.

2. Does this mod affect Ashley's non-combat situations (i.e. On the Normandy, Citadel-hospital, dating scenes, etc.)
No. This DLC mod only works through BioD_Cat003_780FinalConvos.pcc & BioD_Cat003_780FinalConvos_LOC_INT files.
They are specific to Ashley's Citadel Coup scene only.

3. I installed this mod, but now the game takes forever to start-up. (Surviver686)
Update your TOC, via Me3explorer's TOC suite. 

4. Do I need additional files, in order to use this game? (Surviver686)
Yes, you'll need Warranty Voider's modified DLLs. Don't worry these have been packaged with the download.