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Retexture of the Cerberus armor for Shepards from the Appearance Pack-DLC. If you are bothered by either Femshep or Sheploo running around with enemy insignia, this retexture by Tarkov33 is for you.

Permissions and credits
Good evening,

this is the re-upload of a repacked texture of the Ajax originally done by Tarkov33, based upon smarteck's high resolution textures for said armour of the Appearance-pack.

The .mod-file of the archive was done with the latest versions of me3explorer – rev 620 107k to 622 107k - in mind. Once you got that in place and built a texture-tree for Texplorer, installing the unpacked .mod-file through ModMaker should be a piece of cake.*

Should you feel more at home using Texmod, you can find the original files by Tarkov33 himself here:

Thanks go to

Tarkov33 for his original work on this texture and allowing further distribution

Ottemis for taking the time to repackage this for newer versions of me3explorer

and finally the me3explorer-team.

*Notice: due to a recent major overhaul to DLC-.sfar organization to me3explorer, the .mod uploaded here may not be compatible with me3explorer version 623 107k and later. You can read about it here:

In the mean-time, you may want to stick with versions prior to 623 until the transition is complete. I'll try to have a version compatible with this uploaded as soon as possible.


UPDATE: Fixed .tpf-version uploaded, credits for compiling go to Ottemis. This should work with newest me3explorer-versions as well, simply have your tree-scans done and follow these steps:

"To install permanently you will need to have successfully executed a tree-scan with me3explorer. With that being the case, open up me3explorer's TPF/DDs Tools, select top left "Load TPF" and point to the extracted .tpf that comes with the .rar-archive. Next step, select "Analyze with Texplorer" to the bottom left. Once that is finished, select "Autofix and Install" to the bottom right. Once completed, you can exit me3explorer."

For me3explorer-versions 620-622, you'll still want to use the .mod already uploaded. It will remain up for all those who, for one reason or another, wish to stick with those versions of me3expl.


Tested the .tpf with rev 688, found it working in-game. For rev 688, you'll want to follow the steps outlined here (steps 4 to 5 are only necessary if you are using any content mods such as MEHEM, Citadel Epilogue, etc.):

Otherwise, through TPF/DDs Tools, it's the same procedure as mentioned in the 03/29/2014 update, except you need to hit 'Install Valid' rather than 'Autofix and Install'.


Uploading new .tpf of the Ajax armour kindly provided by Tarkov33 a.k.a. Jackknife35 here on the Nexus. It shows a digital name-tag on the armour which you can see in the two new screenshots. He also went and decreased shininess of its cloth-parts. All credit for the texture-work go to Tarkov33/Jackknife35!

To install, run the .tpf through me3explorer's tpf-tools. I myself used me3explorer 3.0 which worked without a hitch, should you feel more comfortable with older me3explorer versions those should work too as long as they sport the texplorer/tpf-tools, as with 3.0 just don't forget to properly set up texplorer and its texture-tree beforehand.