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PLEASE NOTE: Currently these mods are NOT completely compatible with BackOff.  They share a single file and BackOff's version will override the version that comes with these mods, causing Kaidan to revert to his default crew uniform during the second Huerta visit. (the select DLC versions do not alter the Huerta scene at all, so he will revert to the crew uniform when using them regardless) It is a very minor, purely aesthetic incompatibility and absolutely nothing else in either mod is affected. I am still looking into ways to patch this minor issue.


I've decided to keep all of my Kaidan Casuals in one place to make them easier for users to find and for me to manage.  All current mods have been updated to the latest stable ME3Explorer (3.0 as of this writing) and, by multiple requests, now include compatibility with pudi0072000's ME1 Kaidan Texture mod.  Here you will find (all color variants included):

Spectre Jacket  
Battle Dress Uniform
Shirt and Jeans
Dress Uniform

And two new mods:

Spacer Vest

The new Hoodie mod includes a Grey Alliance hoodie, the vanilla N7 hoodie, and my brand new Spectre hoodie.  I've also included matching Spectre hoodies for both male and female Shepard in the Optional Files ('cause who doesn't want to trade hoodies with their boyfriend). The Spacer Vest mod includes the vanilla brown vest as well as recolors in black, green, blue, red, and purple.  All variants for both mods include an 'ME1 Kaidan'-compatible version.

DLC versions of select outfits are located here. As of right now no more outfits will be packaged as DLC, but source files are included here to allow for experienced modders to swap out the existing DLC outfits as they desire.

Only ONE mod can be used at a time.  Installation instructions are included in the individual .zip files.  Please follow them closely or the textures for the standard uniform will end up messed up.


These mods wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of the following authors and their mods. Please check them out and download
their awesome originals for your Shepards! :)

Ottemis' HR Hoody Grey Alliance edition and HR Fourth Casual Outfit
poophairjones' 2 New Casual Outfits for Male Shepard

All resources were used with the authors' most gracious permission.