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survivor686 Kinkojiro and Patadepocho of the EGM team

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Install Instructions
Drag and drop the "DLC_MOD_EGM_Alliance" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC).

1. Does this mod supersede other Ashley/EDI/James/Kaidancombat mods?
No. This mod ADDs outfits for the aforementioned characters.

2. I noticed when I use this mod, Ashley's power mysteriously reduce?
This is due to your installation not having a 'universal' marksman patch. In order to avoid/fix this bug, We recommend that at the minimum, you download fan-patches/mods that fix the Marksman patch.

We recommend any one of the following:
a. Me3Recalibrated (
b. Ashley Marksman Fix (
c. Ashley Warpack (

3. I installed this mod, but now the game takes forever to start-up
Update your TOC, via Me3explorer's TOC suite.

4. Do I need additional files, in order to use this game.
Yes, you'll need Warranty Voider's modified DLLs.Don't worry these have been packaged with the download.

5. I noticed that some of the characters get warped textures, what gives?
We recommend starting on the Normandy, BEFORE you launch a mission, when utilzing the Alliance Warpack for the first time, in order to avoid the warped-textures glitch.