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You know that guy, with the face? Well, it's less blurry now. Also, he can grow a beard.

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NOTE: You can use ME3Explorer V3 to install the TPF via the TPF tools :) 

Original Description:

[ETA 7/1: Uploaded a fix if you have an issue with Kaidan's nose and lips glowing bright red in certain scenes.]

[PLEASE NOTE]: The photos in the gallery are automatically reduced in size (and therefore quality) when uploaded, so I would highly recommend going to the website under Project Details to see proper examples of this mod.


It's a pair of Kaidan face mods: The first is an HD version of his canon appearance, and the second is the first mod, with the added bonus a festive new beard. Exciting! 


- Believe it or not, Kaidan's face (All maps: diffuse/normal/specular)
- His injured diffuse map
- His scalp/hair diffuse map

[DISCLAIMER]: I need to give credit to Smarteck for the hair portion of Kaidan's scalp texture. I’d used pieces of his high-res Kaidan textures when I first made this mod because at the time, this was just a personal project. After some people showed interest and I decided to share it, I replaced his textures with my own, but I couldn't make a decent substitute for the hair no matter how hard I tried, so I had to leave that part in. That should be the only part remaining, though. (My apologies, regardless!)


Hopefully nothing? I haven't played with it yet other than to get screenshots, but I didn't notice anything that wasn't already an issue with the default game files. (Example: The sometimes-fairly-obvious seam on his forehead where the face and the scalp textures meet.)


In case you're new to using ME mods, Texmod is required. You can find it here:

Just follow the instructions on the linked page. It gives instructions for using it with Steam, but to get it working with Origin you'll need to follow krayzi's instructions:

1. Copy your Texmod exe into the folder where your MassEffect3Demo.exe is located
2. Rename your Texmod exe into MassEffect3.exe and the MassEffect3.exe into whatever name you please
3. Start Origin and click onto the Demo
4. Now it should load the Texmod exe
5. After that go back to your folder and change the name of your Texmod exe and ME3 exe
6. Now go back to Texmod and browse the ME3 exe and run it


That's it!

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