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Scales up platform agnostic interfaces. For use with Interface Scaling Mod or SP Controller Support. Make ME3 usable again in 4K!

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By Mgamerz (Owner of

This is an optional add-on module for use with Singleplayer Native Controller Support or Interface Scaling Mod.
This mod scales up things like progress bars, counters, and timers. Coupled with one of the above mods, the game's user interfaces will be fully scaled for high resolution displays.

When used on a display that is not 16:9, progress bars (and the bomb counter in Omega DLC) are not scaled up due to some strange bugs with unreal engine placing elements that I couldn't figure out how to fix.

This mod only modifies singleplayer (as a custom DLC). Interface Scaling Mod scales up multiplayer natively, and you can get a scaling version of my Multiplayer Native Controller Support mod.

See the difference! These are images of the game at 3200x1800.

Stock ME3 (Click here for full size):

This mod (+Interface Scaling Mod) (Click here for full size)

Installation of this mod is done through Mod Manager.
Drag and drop the download onto Mod Manager to import it, and then install it like you do with one of the mods listed above.

As issues are identified, this mod will have updates available for it through Mod Manager.

To use this mod properly with the ALOT texture pack, install this mod before you install ALOT. Installing updates to this mod will require you to install ALOT again as the update will replace or add files that need their texture pointers updated.

Support for my mods is done through my forum on ME3Tweaks. When reporting an issue please indicate your mod version and other mods you are using.