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Who says a girl can't kick butt and be fabulous at the same time?

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FSA now has several new pieces, including a DLC version of MrJack900's Customizable Asari Adept armor and Grflbabl's Customizable EDI-Shep armor.

It also has a unique, not to be found anywhere else CUSTOMIZABLE version of the Ashley Armor, courtesy of MrJack900.

Desperate for credits, the refugees in the camps have hacked the Batarian State Arms kiosk to liquidate whatever valuables they can spare at rock-bottom prices. All proceeds go to benefit the refugees.

(This will enable you to pick and choose what you want in your Shep's closet, without downloading multiple mods.)

Just because she’s kicking ass doesn’t mean FemShep can’t look fabulous!

This mod adds 24 armors--including four customizable armors--to the Batarian State Arms kiosk in the refugee camp, where you can pick and choose which armor you want to stock in your armory.

It will NOT replace the default armor that you start the game with. (sorry, but when you get into that it imcreases the potential for conflicts enormously. Besides, it makes sense that Shepard, who had to jump aboard the Normandy with no time to grab her things, starts out with a generic piece of armor.)

The modders for each armor pieces are identified in the information text about the armor in the game itself.

The breather masks are from ELE and can be found here:

Unless something changes, at this point I'm going to consider this project complete and will not be adding any more pieces for the foreseeable future. I may update the mod to fix any technical issues or tweak the way it works so that it's easier to use.

YOU ALSO WANT TO DOWNLOAD DLC_CON_Breathers. This gives Shepard (male or female) a breather mask by default, replacing the helmet. None of the armors has custom helmets, so if you don’t use the breather mask, the helmet won’t match.


  1. If you haven’t already installed the DLC Patcher, do so now by placing the two .dll files in your …\Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32 directory.

  2. Drop the folder(s) named DLC_CON… into your …\Mass Effect 3\BioGame\DLC directory.

  3. Slide your arm, leg, shoulder and chest piece sliders all the way to the right.

  4. Fight fabulous!
WARNING: This mod may conflict with other mods that add armors to the closet. It will also conflict with any other mods that change the Batarian State Arms store. I will try to release compatibility patches if possible as issues become apparently. I have done my best to minimize that possibility but there’s no telling.

Please also note that the armors will not be removed from the Batarian State Arms store after you've purchased them. I know this is a pain, but I'm having trouble getting that conditional to work, and I hope to fix that issue once I've figured the problem out.

Thanks to the brilliant Kinkojiro, I have now fixed this problem! The armors will no longer be visible in the store after you've purchased them. They will also only show up for a Shepard of the appropriate gender.

I have used the following mods in this package:

Customizable Asari Adept armor by MrJack900

Customizable EDI armor by Grflbabl

Customizable Ashley armor by MrJack900 (who used some resources by Ottemis to make it)

Ashley Armor variations by GirlPlaysGames (original Ashley armor is by VoodooSeason, this version has been tweaked by MrJack900 to give all colors the N7 logo)

Phoenix Armor by GirlPlaysgames

Alliance and Red/Black Adept armor (Hoodless Kasumi Outfit) by NameisLooney

Dom armor retexture by GirlPlaysGames

Full Shepard Body armor by Letoanor

Red and Black EDI armor variations by GirlPlaysGames

Kabuki armor variations by GirlPlaysGames

Alliance Aria armor by GirlPlaysGames

Aria N7 armor (retexture of the Alliance Aria armor) by Renegone

Samara Armor variations by GirlPlaysGames

I have made a good-faith effort to contact each of these creators of these mods and obtain permission to use them. In some cases, I received no response and chose to err on the side of making the armors available to people with the understanding that I am not the creator.

If I have used your mod and was unable to contact you for permission, and you decide you'd like me to take it out of the bundle, please let me know. I will be happy to do so.