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Four variations of Hi-Res Ashley armor for femshep in N7 style.

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Ashley's armor looks great on Femshep, but it could use more N7. So, I've made four variations of N7 armor with Ash's model for femshep to wear. These are all Hi-Res (thanks to Ottemis!) Also, this does not affect the armor Ashley herself wears in any way.

The different variations are:
1. N7 Ashley armor
- Ashley's armor in N7 theme, with (normal) smooth texture

2. N7 Carbon armor - an edit of LusoryPrime's N7 Liara Carbon armor, with matching carbon fibre texture

3. N7 Carbon Black armor - Ashley's armor in N7 theme, with LusoryPrime's carbon fibre texture

4. N7 Carbon Ceramic armor - an edit of LusoryPrime's Carbon armor, with smooth texture


To use these textures, you will need to use another mod to get Ashley's armor for femshep. There are several options to do so:

Option 1 
Download ElysiumFic's Femshep's armory and CaptainObviousau's N7 Armour mod (Highly recommended, they're great mods that don't replace vanilla armors and are easy to install).
Download my "Ashley N7 Armor for Femshep - FA&N7A" bundle and use them all at the same time, or remove the .tpf's for the armor(s) you don't want to use.
My retextures will replace textures from the Femshep's armory and N7 Armour mods. Since they replace different textures, they can all be used at the same time without conflict.
Use the .tpf files with Texmod or install permanently with ME3Explorer.


Variation 1 (N7 Ashley armor) will replace the Gold GPG armor from Femshep's armory.
Variation 2 (N7 Carbon armor) will replace the N7 Slayer armor from the N7 armor mod.
Variation 3 (N7 Carbon Black armor) will replace the Phoenix GPG armor from Femshep's armory.
Variation 4 (N7 Carbon Ceramic armor) will replace the Red GPG armor from Femshep's armory.

Option 2
If you don't like having to download both Femshep's Armory and the N7 Armour mod (you've only installed one) or you're having trouble with one of these mods, you can download one or the other and use the corresponding bundles:
If you're using Femshep's armory, download the "Ashley N7 Armor for Femshep - FA only" bundle.
This bundle is modular, so choose whichever ones you like. Note: option 2 & 3 can't be used together since they replace the same files, so choose either 2 (Carbon) or 3 (Carbon Black). The rest (1 & 4) work regardless and can be installed at the same time.

If you're using the
 N7 Armour mod, download the "Ashley N7 Armor for Femshep - N7A only" bundle.
You can only use one variation of these at the time, so pick and choose.

Use the .tpf files with Texmod or install permanently with ME3Explorer. 

Option 3
Download Voodoo-Season's Ashley Armor for femshep mod which replaces the N7 Destroyer armor with Ashley's armor. 
You must have the N7 Destroyer armor for this mod to work
Install the mod with ME3Explorer. 
Then, download my "Ashley N7 Armor for Femshep - VS" bundle and choose the variation of armor you like. You can only use one variation at a time.
Use the .tpf file with Texmod or install permanently with ME3Explorer.

Alternatively (for experienced modders), you can mod Ashley's armor for femshep in whatever way you like and manually replace the textures by downloading the "Ashley N7 Armor for Femshep - separate textures" bundle. Keep in mind that these seperates are for private use only, for public use you will need to have permission first.

Huge thanks to Ottemis and Lusoryprime, who kindly gave me permission to use their textures. These armors use textures from Ottemis' HR Ashley Combat armor and are heavily inspired by LusoryPrime's Liara N7 Carbon Fiber Armor.

Thanks to Voodoo-Season, ElysiumFic and CaptainObviousau for creating great mods that make Ashley's armor available to femshep.