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With the modders' permission I took some of the most notable FemShep clothing mods and packaged them as DLCs for easy use.

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Is your FemShep a clotheshorse? Or are you just seriously indecisive? Well, never fear, the changing room is now bigger than it looks!

This modular series of DLCs allows you to stuff the armory full of your favorite casual wear. Instead of making a single mod with all the outfits, I decided to keep it in small chunks that are compatible with one another, so that you may add as many or as few outfits as you desire to your wardrobe.

Here’s how it works:

If you want to replace the intro outfit, choose ONE of the DLC packages named “DLC_CON_FSCIntro”. YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE ONE, as they will conflict with each other. But if you have one you have everything that is offered in the others; the only thing that changes is which outfit replaces the intro outfit.

DLC_CON_FSCIntro comes in five variations. All five of them replace the everyday leather dress with ELE’s FemShep Leather Jacket, and they all replace the Citadel DLC version of the dress with ELE and Ottemis’s Kasumi Dress Replacement.

In addition, each version of the DLC does the following:

#1 Replaces the intro outfit with FireMadeFlesh’s retex of Andraste’s Sanctified Girdle’s N7 Nilin Leather Jacket.
#2 Replaces the intro outfit with ELE’s Puffy Vest withWings
#3 Replaces the Intro outfit with FireMadeFlesh’s black N7 tank with scarf
#4 Replaces the Intro outfit with FireMadeFlesh’s lace tank with scarf
#5 Replaces the Intro outfit with FireMadeFlesh’s Spectre tank with scarf

All five variations add the other four outfits that AREN’T replacing the Intro outfit to the closet as casual wear. So in total, you’re replacing three outfits and adding four more.

NOTE: There is a glitch in the transition between the “clean” and “dirty” versions of the intro outfit after the explosion. The textures will be weird for the last part of that cutscene. Once you gain control of Shepard, hit F5 to quicksave and then F9 to quickload and your textures should be fine again. I will release a new version of the mods once I know how to fix this problem. UPDATE 3/25/16 - This glitch should be fixed now.

If you only want the dress replacements and don’t want to change the Intro outfit, simply hold off on installing the mod until after the prologue. There is now a dress-replacement only version that adds the five potential intro outfits to the closet as casual wear but doesn't replace the clothes Shepard is wearing at the start of the game.

I deliberately did not replace the outfit Shepard wears during the first Citadel visit because it just makes sense to me that after being caught in an explosion and getting dirty and bloody, she’d change into a ubiquitous uniform she found stuffed in a locker somewhere on Normandy.

After you’ve chosen your Intro outfit (or chosen not to have an intro outfit at all), you may add on as many of the following casual outfit modules as you’d like.

The casual outfits available are:

DLC_CON_FSCCasualHelena – Adds all three versions of ELE’s Helena outfit to the closet

DLC_CON_FSCCasualJeans – Adds Andraste’s Sanctified Girdle’s jeans and white shirt, a rose-colored retex of that same outfit by Dreagin, and FireMadeFlesh’s N7 ANGL Hoodie with Nilin Leggings

DLC_CON_FSCCasualGPG – Adds all three of GirlPlaysGames color variations of the Ashley Tunic for Femshep (by VoodooSeason) to the closet, as well as some of her other casual outfit offerings (In Progress.)

I’m willing to consider adding other mods on request providing there is enough demand, the mods work, and I can get permission from the modder.


  • If you haven’t already installed the DLC Patcher, do so nowby placing the two .dll files in your …\Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32 directory.
  • Drop the folder(s) named DLC_CON… into your…\Mass Effect 3\BioGame\DLC directory.
  • Start the game and marvel at your overflowing closet.


I DID NOT CREATE THESE MODS. I SIMPLY PACKAGED THEM AS DLCs. ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL MODDERS. (This also means I cannot offer any support to get mods to work beyond what is covered by the DLC, sorry.)

Nilin Leather Jacket retex by FireMadeFlesh (original byAndraste’s Sanctified Girdle)

Puffy Vest by ELE

N7 Leather Jacket for Femshep by ELE

Kasumi Dress replacement by ELE and Ottemis

Casual Tank w/Scarf by FireMadeFlesh

Helena outfit by ELE

Alliance Shirt and Jeans by Andraste’s Sanctified Girdle (rose retex by dreagin)

ANGL hoodie by FireMadeFlesh

Ashley Tunic Variations, original by VoodooSeason,retexture/color variations by GirlPlaysGames