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  1. chibimira
    • member
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    I've been trying to use a few of the hair styles, however even with following the usual steps (putting the file into the cookedPC folder, editing the hair in the save file, using texmod when loading the game, etc) When the game loads I dont see the updated hair style, just the original Diana hair.  I've used the mods heaps of times with no issue, but suddenly no joy.  I've switched to EA App since I last played ME3 (Origin wouldn't let me not switch), could that be causing issues?  Also, I tried to access your webpage to double check that I am using the correct stuff, but whenever I try to access the ME3 files I just get an error saying it couldn't connect to the database.  Thanks for the help, love your mods!!
  2. LadyElvan
    • member
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    I don't understand how to install these now. I import the hair I want (from the website not here, does that matter?) and install it with ALOT14.1 for ME3 (not Legendary)... and the hair doesn't show up. I know you're supposed to change the 'Hair Mesh', 'Hair_mask', and 'Hair_diff' but... I don't know what to change it TO. I tried the "Jessica" like the website says but that was SO not the right hair!

    How do I know (or from any of this zip downloaded) what to change them to? I'm GASPING for this work, please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
    1. isohelasahi
      • member
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      I had the same problem as well but I figured it out! You can only have one hair in the dlc at a time, so if you put multiple hairs in the dlc file you won't be able to get the hair that you want. 
  3. CorbenikReborne
    • member
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    looks nice but why does it have an option to download it in Vortex when Vortex doesn't support any of the Mass Effect games?
  4. LittleTuc
    • supporter
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    First of all, thanks for that mod! I really loved it! <3 I just have a short question you could maybe answer? So I wanted to ask if you know if this mod is compatible with the legendary editions or if you maybe transporting it to the legendary edition? Sorry I hadn't the time to test it myself, so I thought of asking you quickly. Thank you and have a nice day <3 

    Ps: sorry if the question seems stupid or so? and I know, the legendary edition just came out a few days, but I thought maybe you just already have an answer. thanks again <3
    1. Kolapon
      • member
      • 45 kudos
      I'm wondering the same thing.
    2. kahlanarahl
      • member
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      I am also hoping for a port to ME3LE of this mod. I am intentionally playing through ME2LE super slowly to give modders time to port their mods, this one especially as well as the White/Black tank top and dog tags. I know these mods required Texmod and ME3Explorer tools to install, but I am so very much hoping there's a way to port or recreate this mod in ME3LE. I learned that the original game is 32bit and LE is 64bit so that has something to do with the difficulty in "porting".
    3. veironn
      • member
      • 22 kudos
      I guess is just depending the number of bones of each hair mesh , the texture can be easyly modified
      If im not mistaken most of them should have 110 bones , so maybe it can be easily portable to jessica LE3 hair only
  5. CreeperLava
    • premium
    • 242 kudos
    Wow, that's a big download ! Thanks for posting them all here ! Using one of these is mandatory for each of my playthroughs .
    1. immagikman
      • premium
      • 1 kudos
      Kinda blows that you take so long to download the damn stuff only to find out it is useless if you only use mod manager  :P
  6. bio09
    • member
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    so easy to install, right
  7. isadorahawke
    • member
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    P.S. how do you uninstall the mods ? There's nothing in girlplaysgame website about it :/ I'll be stuck on a loop of installing one hair on top of the other until that neck goes away.
  8. isadorahawke
    • member
    • 1 kudos
    does anyone know why Shepard's neck ends up looking black sometimes? I managed to install two hair textures. One of them looked like a bunch of snakes (they were meant to be soft curls) and the other looked ok but made Shepard's neck black. I notice Diana's neck didn't suffer the same fate, only Shepard's.
  9. Jena84Plissken
    • member
    • 43 kudos
    Endorse this mod god work
  10. Grofile
    • member
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    Looks great, just a SUPER DUPER pain to install. ive been at it for 3 hours now and i give up. on the 3rd program i needed to install for the hair to work Texmod it just fails to work, i followed the instructions to the letter, but a failure to mention what tpf file i needed to use just broke the game now, im reinstalling the game and will just stick with the default hair styles... to bad it looks really great but just not worth it anymore.