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Makes Shepard's three dreams much shorter. Two versions; one with the kid, one without. An optional install also skips the conversation with the kid while he's in the vent.

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Because you either don't like spending time running in slow motion to chase the kid and/or you don't want to see the kid at all in the dreams or basically as little as possible.


It cuts to the last scene of the dream sequence making it much shorter and getting to the point. Both versions of the dreams allow you "skip the kid" while he's hiding in the vent.

Example of Shorter Dreams without the kid and the optional "skip the kid" conversation.

Example of Shorter Dreams with the kid and the optional "skip the kid" conversation.


If Shorter Dreams doesn't seem to be right to you but you don't like the vanilla dreams in Mass Effect 3, check out Better Dreams by giftfish. In fact, you probably should check it out as it may be a better fit to you.


As you may expect, you can't use both Better Dreams and Shorter Dreams at the same time since they modify the same files. So go ahead and make your pick if you're interested in modded dreams or choose to keep chasing the kid around if you prefer that.


If you use MEHEM or JAM version B, this mod may make the game make more sense. Also, if you watch dream 2 of the "Shorter Dreams"  no kid example, it makes more sense with the paragon responses after the dream when Shepard talks about missing Kaidan or Ashley despite only seeing the kid in the original dream. I would even argue dream 1 makes more sense since that dream is also so focused on the kid but the responses have nothing to do with him there either.