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A mod that removes the ridiculous faceshield that has been bolted onto the N7 Typhoon. The last thing you want is an accessory that blocks your field of view

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Finally in drag-and-drop version (i.e. is version agnostic with respect to me3explorer)

The Slim N7 Typhoon mod removes the ridiculous, unpractical and form-destroying 'faceshield' that sullies the N7 Typhoon.

Because the last thing you want is an accessory that blocks your field of view.  

Install Instructions
Drag and drop the "DLC_MOD_SlimN7Typhoon" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC).

1. Does this mod supersede other Typhoon mods?

2. Does this mod extend to multiplayer?
. This mod does not affect the multiplayer-version of the N7 Typhoon. This is due to the fact that MP files (especially those that have been patched) are 'locked', preventing my mod from taking effect and actually causing my exe to stall. That being said, I've packed the raw mesh file with this download, so you are welcome to try and make a multiplayer version of this.

3. I installed this mod, but now the game takes forever to start-up
Update your TOC, via Me3explorer's TOC suite.

4. Do I need additional files, in order to use this game.
Yes, you'll need Warranty Voider's modified DLLs.Don't worry these have been packaged with the download.