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New versions of the character creator hair for female Shepard. Will also mod some NPCs.

Permissions and credits
Mesh edits of the character creator hairs, with emphasis on additional variety, more realistic shapes, and continuity with previous games. My goal was subtle improvement not a drastic overhaul.

Each hair replacement is in a separate .mod so you can pick and choose.


Back up the following game files in case you want to uninstall:


Install the mesh .mods with Mod Maker in ME3Explorer
You can download ME3Explorer here.

Open ME3Explorer.

In Tools open Mod Maker.

File -> Load Jobs -> select .mod files
Run -> Run All

A window should pop up "Found _ updates, want to apply and save them?"
Click Yes, Done, and ME3Explorer should indicate the mod has successfully installed.
(You can close the debug window.)

*Files in BioP_Char.pcc can take a few minutes to install each, it's still working.

Modded textures with finer stranding optional.


Option 1: Replace modded PCC files with your original backups. Run the TOCBinUpdater in ME3Explorer.

Option 2: To revert your game back to it's original unmodded state, right click on Mass Effect 3 in Origin and select "Repair Install." Warning - this will uninstall ALL mods, so only do this if you did not keep backup files. DLC files are repaired separately in the View Game Details tab of Origin. If you continue to have issues, it's a good idea to throw everything out of the install folder to be 100% certain everything is reverted back to it's original state.


This mod is designed to replace meshes individually inside the games packed PCC files. If you already have PCC replacer-style mods installed (such as older hair or armor mods) installing this mod after them will not interfere or overwrite them unless they replace the same meshes.

Additional NPC edits in future updates. I'm working on adding them in where appropriate, NPC hair meshes are located in ~ 50 pcc files!

Created with ME3Explorer version 0107K.

Useful Links:

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