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Miranda's armor retexture and guide for using it to Shepard

Permissions and credits

You can choose between "Original" and "Dark" version with N7 emblem (red or blue colored). Or without N7 emblem.
And added special versions - Alliance (with blue grid) and Cerberus (with orange grid).

Also look at screenshots!

Use Texmod

Guide for using it to femShep:

After using my instructions you can find this armor in the Shepard's locker at Normandy
It's easy. Relax and don't worry :)

Video guide

! Don't add more than 2 outfit with this method at one time. Or you will have black screen in some missions.
But if you want it, just use clear and not modifed coalisced.ini in this missions (Omega-4 Relay for example). 

Power Effects
If you want to add some power effects to your armor, read my guide.

Known Issues or Bugs

Will not work with JeanLuc's Miranda HD revised by CDAMJC Edition

I've used
Graphic mod  
GEMFX v.1.0.6 by Lucifer Hawk 

Here: link
it's works with ME2 too
My personal preset for ME2: link
Put my preset here: Mass Effect 2\Binaries\GEMFX\Presets\current
Thank you Lucifer Hawk!


My other mods for femShep:

-Blue Rose- Miranda's Alternative outfit
-Blue Rose- Samara's armor

Techno Rose by Violett'e Heaven
All rights belong to Bioware (c)

Sorry for my english :)