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Covered clothing modular texture replacer, compatible with default as well as hi-res/ALOT setups.

Permissions and credits

Modular texture replacements are offered (in vanilla and ALOT-compliant versions) for:

1) The large display screens outside and inside the Afterlife Club
2) The dancers..
3) ..and civilians on Omega, Illium and the Citadel
4) Samara
5) Miranda (primary outfit replaced by matte black/yellow suit; loyalty outfit by matte black/blue suit)
6) Jack
7) Liara (optional port of Darth Liara from my old ME3 texture pack)
8) Aria

Please refer to the provided screenshots to preview the changes.
(Note: These images (for the most part) do not demonstrate 'ALOT' replacements, which are at higher resolutions.)

You may replace only the textures you wish to - they do not all have to be replaced.

WARNING: These replacements are permanent. Unless you have the necessary backups and the knowhow, restoring textures will require a full clean reinstallation of the game.


Installation order:

1) Mass Effect 2 (clean installation)
2) All non-texture mods such as ME2Controller (optional)
3) ALOT for ME2 (optional)
4) Any other texture mods (optional)
5) Play game to verify that everything is working properly
6) Covered Clothing for Mass Effect 2 v2.0

This mod is provided as modular ".mem" files, to be used with Aquadran's Mass Effect Modder (MEM) application.

There are two steps to follow:

1) First download and extract either the vanilla (if you're running a default installation of Mass Effect 2) or the ALOT (if you're running Mass Effect 2 with the 'ALOT for ME2' compilation) version from the 'Files' tab, then install the files you want to using MEM.

Please refer to the app's PDF user guide for further guidance: download link.

IMPORTANT: MEM's initial analysis and optimisation of game files is known to conflict with the real-time scanning processes of Antivirus/Windows Defender type software. If you trust MEM, then it is highly recommended to temporarily disable protection services prior to MEM's initial game scan. Not doing so will require a full clean reinstallation of the game in case you run into a conflict and wish to reattempt installation of the mod.

2) After installation, exit MEM, then copy the two '.dll' files from the mod's 'Fix' folder into your installed 'Mass Effect 2 -> Binaries' folder (where 'MassEffect2.exe' is located), overwriting existing files, if any.


Thank you

CDAMJC, ellise, JeanLuc761, MaryseDynasty and smarteck,
for MEM,
and for creating and sharing your high resolution textures, respectively.

Special thanks to CreeperLava for, and to everyone who's assisted him with, ALOT
..and hails to all of the old guard!

Header images on this page use Karly "Karlika" Rosen's Mass Effect Vector Pack.