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gives miranda a much darker skintone than pale white

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darker skin for miranda
i thought it would be pretty cool if miranda "genetically engineered down to her appearance to be perfect" lawson was a person of color.

-- face diff (0xB389BFE6) - 1024x
-- hair/scalp diff (0x1FACB1D2) - 512x
-- regular outfit (lgta) diff (0x78E6BFB3) - 1024x
-- loyalty outfit (lgtb) diff (0xCB6FC26E) - 1024x
-- lingerie (nkd) diff (0x8B93936A) - 1024x

requires texmod.  works with all outfits (regular, loyalty, alternate appearance pack).

-- i don't actually know how the lingerie outfit looks in-game, as i haven't romanced miranda yet, so feel free to let me know if it looks absolutely rubbish and i'll try to fix it.
-- i can't release a hi-res version of this mod without permission from the original maker, so this version is based solely on the game files.  if i do get permission to release a higher resolution version (4096x) i will update this post.
-- i would have really liked to modify her facial features further, as skin/hair color isn't the only physical difference between the average white person/person of color, but there's only so much you can do with the textures themselves, unfortunately.